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On Introverts as Night Shift Radio Talk Show Personalities

On introverts



On introverts: People cancel dates because they don't feel quite safe with the other person in a car or other close space, or because the other person is quick to anger instead of slow and steady when surprised by someone cutting across them in traffic or some similar surprise. And people generally look for a good conversationalist on dates, even if both parties are introverts. (One example are some Internet radio talk show personalities specializing in the field of their interest).


Numerous introverts have their own radio talk show because they broadcast while alone in a studio sometimes located in a room or basement of their home. Check out all those radio talk show hosts who claim to be introverted and prefer radio rather than to be recognized in public if they were TV personalities. Some introverts work the night shift on radio stations or broadcast at night from their home studios.


If they are not being interviewed on another person's radio talk show, they are calm and content to research what they want to say and speak it from memory or a script on their own personal radio talk show that they operate from home, for example, from their basement or home office/studio. By themselves, introverts become conversationalists to the world, broadcasting to listeners in other areas far away from where they live or would be recognized in public.


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