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Book, illustration, and photo collage by Anne Hart: 35 Video Podcasting Careers And Businesses To Start




            It's time to cash-in online and on various recording formats, with your web-centric digital video camera and personal broadcasting networks on the Internet. After you whet your mind with the excitement and fun of developing the following 430 money-making possibilities, then read on to discover the carefully chosen 25 BEST WAYS to make money with your digital video camera, discussed in detail.


            You'll find many resources for operating your business, seeking training, finding equipment needed, and locating referrals, leads, contacts, and information. See what trade publications can do for you ideas.


            Taking action with your video camera also means becoming involved with the professional, trade, and business associations. They have job hotlines, conventions, publications, internships and volunteer opportunities for independents. Learn how to really work a room at terrific networking meetings.


            The person who makes the most successful Web videos is able to do the following tasks that are easily accomplished by extroverted intuition--either dominant or auxiliary, and perception (revealing alternative possibilities from camera angles to alternative budgeting).


1. Sees patterns in everything.

2. Makes connections between two unrelated subjects and brings them together creating a whole new third subject or object.

3. Sees symbols in nature and makes them concrete and easy to grasp. Takes the abstract and applies it to what is of universal interest to all people. Makes the hard-to-understand symbols clear, useful, and practical.

4. Uses intuition (imagination based on experience and judgment) plus feeling to move the video forward. The forward action creates a measurable range of change from beginning to end known as growth.

5. Knows how to communicate, inspire, persuade, and motivate with video clips that reach people at their feeling/gut/emotional level while appealing to and respecting the viewer's logic/intellect.

6. Knows how to fill a void/need in the community with material that has universal appeal, even in a niche or specialty video.

7. Caters to the majority of pragmatic, down-to-earth viewers who want timely, useful information to make important life decisions, do something better, or improve themselves.

8. Presents learning as entertainment. Shows viewers how to have more fun with escape while learning new skills at the same time.

9. Shows the viewer without preaching how to reach his/her maximum potential or how to grow from the inside out. Works for a cause. Shows the viewer why and how to become involved.

10. Improves the quality of the viewer's lives while making the audience feel important and respected. The video leaves the viewer feeling good/positive at the end.


To integrate seeing patterns in everything with carrying out the concrete details of camera angles, it's highly recommended to work with a partner or team member who uses extroverted sensing well either as a dominant or auxiliary part of the personality.



Two people may be able to improve on each person's Web video or videobiography designs if one is an extroverted intuitive and the other is an extroverted sensor, either in dominant or auxiliary personality. The intuitive may write the first draft of a script, and the sensor may flesh out the concrete details in the second draft.


The same works in reverse with camera angles or storyboards. The concrete sensor draws sketches from the abstract intuitive's designs and brings in the finer details of texture, colors, and script details so that little is overlooked in photo-reality.