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Musings of a never-bored-to-tears stay-at-home great granny


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Teach love, caring, sharing, and repairing, not brainwashing superstition for control to get people to pay or obey. Forget the talking snakes, the sugary shakes, and the sacrificial bakes and brakes. Morality has a twist of math to it that is as formless as kindness and doing good deeds because there are needs. It has been said that deeds speak louder than creeds.

I love a religion or a stance that's universal, any religion that accepts all people regardless of their race, face, or pace. That's why I love math as a branch of religion or rather direction, because math, like universal religion is universal.

I have always loved mathematics and how the equations show what gravity feels like in abstract as in Newton's law of Universal gravitation, then it is: Fg = G (m1*m2)/(d^2)> where G= gravitational constant (6.67*10^-11 Nm^2/kg^2)> m1 and m2 = the masses object 1 and object 2 respectively > d=the distance (in meters) between the two objects.

It's sometimes referred to as r, as the equation is mainly used when dealing with stars, which have circular orbits, meaning the use radii for distance).
> The gravitational acceleration on earth is approximately 9.8 m/s^2 (so your Fg on earth is m*g, where g=9.8 and m=mass of object/person).....

Sign me, retired teacher/author/journalist who loves learning in these golden years...plus and with music so serene, like a sculptured fractal in art or in geology.....

Math is musical...so clear, so precise, so, well...like musical notes in pitch, tone, and texture...and so uplifting....in mood....and math is so much like a universal religion and ultimate language because it speaks to all languages and shows an intelligent force field is behind the constant creation of the universe(s)....and everything is eternal and recycled in the round. Neutrinos pop in and out of each universe and then pop right in again.