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Can you use food to optimize and environment your health?


Book by Anne Hart.


The liver produces glucose from protein. Some people have excess gluconeogenesis. The process is about how your liver produces glucose from protein. There also may be a rapid conversion from starch to sugar/glucose of any type of starch such as from eating various grains in any form from whole grains to flour to starchy vegetables.

If you think about it, your blood sugar levels can still rise as you age. So find out how to deal with the issues that causes your blood sugar levels to rise and also your insulin levels to rise to excess if you become resistant and/or sensitive to insulin so that the insulin keeps pouring out into your blood, arteries, and organs.

Check out any dietary solutions with various nutrients and phytonutrients you might eat to help address some of these issues. You need to keep that healthy glucose metabolism as the years pass. Keep on searching for the healthiest ways in the long term to optimize your blood sugar and insulin levels as well as other issues. Enjoy what you eat knowing it helps support your long-term health. And don't forget the environment and how it influences you.