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How to Launch a Genealogy TV Business Online: Start Family History/Ancestry Shows Globally.

Photo and book by Anne Hart.



Photo and book by Anne Hart

Some years ago I wrote a paperback book on how to start your own ancestry-television business online on a shoestring budget. You may wish to check out my paperback book, How to Launch a Genealogy TV Business Online: Start Family History/Ancestry Shows Globally. (It's still in print and listed at Amazon.com at this date and also listed at the publisher's website.)
In the book I inspired readers to seek out the Internet as one possible vehicle to start a TV show on genealogy, especially DNA-driven genealogy.


The topic in the book included how to launch family history/genealogy television shows globally on your Web site, produce videos, and publish hobby materials, publications, books, multimedia, or life stories as a pay-per-view or sponsored free entertainment. Create social history documentaries.


Or check out my book, How to Start, Teach, & Franchise a Creative Genealogy Writing Class or Club: The Craft of Producing Salable Living Legacies, Celebrations of Life, Events, Reunion Publications, or Gift Books Paperback – published June 12, 2008.


Here are some ideas to think about that may inspire and motivate you if you're interested in the subject:


Customize vintage maps and family atlases. Give visibility to family history educational entertainment businesses.


Supply genealogy tools and videos to followers of the second most popular hobby in the country with more than 113 million people interested in genealogy and related family history topics. Provide or market content and tools to those that want to know more about their ancestor’s roots, migrations, and social history.


What news did the papers print in your ancestor’s lifetime? You’ll learn practical, specific steps on how to adapt real life stories into romance novels, skits, plays, monologues, biographies, documentaries, or newsletters.


Produce genealogy/family history television programs on Web sites or specialty/niche television stations. Follow steps to start genealogy journalism and personal history television, Web-based businesses. Interview individuals tactfully with these sample questions. Record life experiences using oral historian’s techniques.


Avoid pitfalls. Learn to write and/or collect and showcase personal history videos. Produce your own documentaries. Showcase other people’s genealogy tools.

It's easy to start, teach, and franchise a creative genealogy writing club, class, or publication. Start by looking at the descriptions of each business and outline a plan for how your group operates. Flesh out each category with your additional research pertaining to your local area and your resources. Your goal always is to solve problems and get measurable results or find accurate records and resources. Or research personal history and DNA-driven genealogy interpretation reporting.


You can make keepsake albums/scrapbooks, put video online or on disc, and create multimedia text and image with sound productions or work with researching records in archives, oral history, or living legacies and time capsules. A living legacy is a celebration of life as it is now.


A time capsule contains projects and products, items, records, and research you want given to future generations such as genograms of medical record family history, family newsletters, or genealogy documents, diaries, photos, and video transcribed as text or oral history for future generations without current technology to play the video discs. Or start and plan a family and/or school reunion project or franchise, business or event. Another alternative is the genealogy-related play or skit, life story, or memoir.