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To all sensitive personalities wishing to make a difference in good ways



Photo by  Anne Hart: Figurine on display in a kitchen and decor store


Perhaps some of my numerous books can be of help to others. All I wanted to do in life was to make a difference in a good way. Want to read a fictional play (or produce the play at no cost to me) about a gal and her life experiences growing up with a sensitive, avoidant personality? You may wish to check out the play at: http://annehart.booklikes.com/post/997730/growing-up-in-or-near-coney-island-during-world-war-ii-and-in-the-two-decades-after-a-play


The play also appears in an instructional book on how to write ethno-life-story-highlight, experience-and character-driven, or behavioral-oriented plays is: Ethno-Playography: How to Create Salable Ethnographic Plays, Monologues, & Skits from Life Stories, Social Issues, published July 27, 2007. It's listed at this date on Amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/Ethno-Playography-Ethnographic-Monologues-Events%C2%97-Performance/dp/0595460666/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415822583&sr=8-1&keywords=ethno-playography%2C+anne+hart


Also a novel which tells the story that's in the play.... (This is the novel on which Anne Hart's play is based: Why We Never Give Up Our Need for a Perfect Mother: Trapped at Home by Anxiety & Panic? By Anne Hart. (published March 6, 2007). This book is  listed at this date on Amazon.com at:  http://www.amazon.com/Never-Give-Need-Perfect-Mother/dp/0595434029/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1415822776&sr=8-3&keywords=Why+We+Never+Give+Up+Our+Need+for+a+Perfect+Mother


Could the world be divided between calm people with a long 5-HTT gene and anxious individuals with a short 5-HTT gene? People with a short 5-HTT gene may live with constant electrical activity in their brain's fear center.


Here's one life story chronicling the genetic basis of agoraphobia and panic disorder, one woman's war against the fear of going outside.You may be predisposed to either anxiety or depression if you have a short 5-HTT gene. Look up the article reporting a study that links depression to an overactive fear center in the brain titled, "Bound for Gloom and Doom," Proceedings of the National Academy or Sciences, October 11, 2006. You can find this online at ScienceNOW Daily News. Online, check out ScienceNOW's search engine at:  http://sciencenow.sciencemag.org/cgi/search?searchtype=article&andorexacttitle=or&fulltext=bound+for+gloom+and+doom.


Your genes may react to different foods, vitamins, and treatments, or it all could be theory that changes as science changes over the years


If you're concerned about hormonal imbalances and genetic predisposition, such as a short 5-HTT gene, how your body metabolizes nutrients or what defects are in your autonomic nervous system, then discover genetic causes of vitamin over stimulation or under absorption.


In these life story highlight books and plays, you can take a peek in the experiences of how on female with a sensitive, avoidant personality explains the experience of burning out, having chronic anxiety, then agoraphobia and panic disorder, and helping herself with mild exercise such as walking in place and nutritional changes. Research your individual issues from the detailed experiences as everybody is different in a variety of ways due to how your body responds to the environment, inherited genes, metabolically, nutritionally, and chemically to life's various experiences.