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Combining media in creative writing


On writing stories, novels, and plays, and scripts, nonfiction and fiction:

Isn't it awesome how science fiction so often features not the scientist as superstar in caring, sharing, and repairing, building and inventing, using commitment, intellect, and creativity, but instead, in so much of science fiction, the superhero/heroine is depicted in entertainment as seeking ultimate power at any cost?

Combining media:

What if the writer, artist, scientist, and inventor instead put:

Music and Pen together, two multipartite beats.
We long to compose and twist hours into hope.
Music and words aimed at petals that sunlight eats.
Editors of investment journals envelop music in glaciers.
We play the frozen notes and grow music's amber sheaves.
From seedling finance writers grow sky-wracked editors.
Two shifting textures dazzle music into metaphors.
We have metonymy, a pastel symmetry.
Let us map the notes.
Connect the dots of our lives. We create and inspire all.