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Planning an ancient-era-themed wedding?


Biblical-style, ancient-themed vegan weddings, parties, and grand openings are back. They can be done with sesame paste (tahini) and garbanzo/chick pea dips, sliced vegetables, and fruit juice punch on a neighborhood budget.


I love reading ancient history. So...my novel, PROPER PARENTING IN ANCIENT ROME, at this date listed at Amazon.com and at the publisher's site, is a paperback novel. But how do you throw an ancient cultures-themed party, event, or wedding with realistic decor, costumes, foods, and re-enactments or musical themes that re-create the ambiance of those ancient, medieval, or even prehistoric times? Or perhaps you're more interested in Biblical, Renaissance, 18th century- era decor, or any other historical or ethnic ambiance or theme?


Popular with weddings are Biblical themes in ancient-style costumes and celebration of life events honoring an employee, club member, friend, or relative. The parties or events are costume dramas.


They're done in ancient Biblical, Roman or Greek toga parties featuring raw, vegan, or healthier foods and fruit juices. Or the celebrations might emphasize recreating ancient, ethnic, Biblical, new thought, or fantasy themes, such as those based on king-and-queen coronation ceremonies.


Vegan costume drama parties with ancient themes can be budgeted to take place at home or in a museum, art gallery, or convention center. Recipes used might come right out of the Bible, such as the recipe for bread made of meal or flour made from lentils and other legumes and whole grains.


Ancient-themed weddings, including catering for them, costuming, staging, and performing, are booming. The cost-effective weddings range from virtual online affairs to mini-costume dramas on stage. Some of these ancient-themed weddings recreate and incorporate king and queen coronation ceremonies into marriage rites. Theme weddings can cost little to start up and even can be run at home.


You handle everything from setting the stage at ordering the costumes to catering to food and booking the entertainment. Costs can vary from a couple of hundred dollars to tens of thousands.The lowest budget is about $200 for a home-based toga party, standard SPQR Senate and the Roman people flag, and a dinner banquet created around a backyard or community center pool.


Live music or even recorded throngs may be played as video cameras roll for viewing by future generations. Ethnic and ancient music create ambiance. You can join Nova Roma and consult them about where to buy or rent props if you're interested in recreating an ancient Roman-style wedding. Or work up your own Biblical-themed wedding based on your cultural and religious ties.


According to its site, Nova Roma is an international organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture. From its founding to 330 CE, when it ceased to be the center of Imperial authority, Rome laid the foundation for our modern Western civilization. Founded 2,750 years after the Eternal City itself, Nova Roma  seeks to bring back those golden times, not through the sword and the legions, however, but through the spread of knowledge and through our own virtuous example.


Neighborhood-budget ancient-themed weddings may be recreated around the pool, with recordings of ancient music. You might have a buffet of fish pies, meat, fowl, salads, honey cakes, grapes, and pomegranate juice. Or serve retsina wine.


Costs can vary from home-based backyard or poolside toga events costing three figures serving fruit, parsley-wheat-tomato salad, and juices all the way up to $10,000-$30,000 for the coronation of the bride and groom in either an ancient Roman wedding rite or as pharaoh and queen of ancient Egypt. For a low-cost wedding, serve desserts, snacks, and fruit juice.


The ambiance comes from the music and any volunteer performers, such as ancient music performers recruited from a variety of Renaissance faires, students, and folk dancers from international folk dance clubs you find practicing on a regular basis at community centers or public parks.


Watch a performance to make sure they are well-rehearsed. One possibility is a group of tribal dancers or a male and female belly dance team. Growing in popularity is the biblical wedding, in ancient key break style key brainiac Hebrew which Hebrew style, emulating the marriage of King Solomon to the Egyptian princess, for interfaith weddings.


Biblical Recreations and Costume Drama Weddings Are Booming
For a religious theme, in emulation of ancient weddings is the recreation of an ancient Hebrew wedding in Biblical style or weddings in the style performed by first century Christians. An ancient wedding is a costume drama. Wedding guests participate. On the invitation, you tell guests to appear in costume of the era, such as ancient Biblical, Roman, Greek, or Egyptian. You state the ambiance, era, and costume preferred on the invitation.


Easiest and least expensive to re-create is Cleopatra's era in Egypt or a Biblical-costumed wedding catering foods mentioned in the Bible.These foods are low cost to prepare, such as legumes, grain, fruit, juices, wine, loaves and fishes.

Or serve whole grain breads, cheeses, raw vegetables, grapes, wheat and parsley salads, and desserts made of sesame seeds, nuts, honey or honey cakes, and dried fruit. The Biblical wedding fits in well with weddings serving catered or home-made raw foods salads and desserts.


How to Plan the Neighborhood Budget

After you've given your wedding couple a budget ranging from $200 for a small backyard, home-catered wedding to $10,000- $30,00 for a stage-based wedding ceremony in a museum, art gallery, theater or university auditorium, social hall, hotel ballroom, church basement, synagogue, social center, rented school gymnasium, large loft, or mansion, what you’ll need next is a clergy person or designated official for the bride and groom to read when vows are exchanged.


The person needs to be licensed to perform weddings and to record the license the next day at the county recorder’s office. Otherwise, you’ll be given a signed certificate as well as a clergy person’s certificate that’s signed to take to the country recorder’s office to register your marriage so it will be legally recognized.


You’ll need to do this so your spouse can prove to social security when both of you retire that you really are legally married. If you’re doing an ancient wedding in the pagan or humanist style, be sure the person performing your wedding ceremony is legally recognized as having the right to perform marriage rites and have them registered at the county recorder’s office. You’ll also need a marriage license of one type or another.


Marriages must be recorded to be legal. After you arrange someone to legally marry you and participate in a reenactment of your ancient costume drama, you'll need a script for the bride, groom, and clergy person to read and follow to carry out the rites of a particular period in time or a specific type of ethnic wedding, either religious, civil, historical, or new thought. Prepare several scripts to show clients.


A good mix is to have one or two scripts each for ancient costume drama weddings based on ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Israel, India, China, Japan, or customize to meet the needs of each ethnic group you want to target, such as ancient Java, Philippines, Vietnam, Native American, Polynesian, Romany, or any other ethnic group. You can have weddings focused on customs, historical periods, and lifestyles associated with biking, Viking, Russian, Arabic, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, or the land of your own origin. Take your pick.


Research your own background’s ancient wedding customs and combine the script with genealogy services of subcontractors, costume designers, musicians, and caterers. Network with costume companies and their suppliers. See Hunkin’s Experiments with ancient costume designs and patterns that are easy to make. Ethnic and bellydance studios also have excellent contacts for recreating costumes.


Contact the designer of ancient Egyptian costumes for weddings as well as other ancient costumes for costume dramas, historical ethnic dancers, and ethnic performers find the costume designers design books that we have complete costumes from head to toe in them, look for a book that offers clear step-by-step instructions for bras and hip belts, music CDs, skirts, head gear such as wreaths, and full-size patterns for the accessories. If you’re designing costumes for the bridal party, include a budget in your plan for a costumer or seamstress.


You find these historical items fit for weddings, pageants, and historical recreations at ethnic bazaars is belly dance events of performers costume designers and vendors accessory vendors including wedding costume designers and their music Several vendors come each year to offer photo albums of ancient wedding costume designs from the Mediterranean and other lands many of these designers take orders nationally for their custom designs.


If you want authentic wedding costumes, Middle Eastern patterns, men's and women's plus import accessories, custom bras for a Renaissance look right to a curious fashion Seattle Washington as for catalog asked to purchase the catalog. Props you'll need for ancient weddings could include vendor tables selling ethnic jewelry, could you dictate music CDs, replicas of ancient sharers, dolls, and art work on brass plates.


Surprisingly some couples insist on selling booth space at their wedding for vendor tables selling related ancient replica items, clothing, and jewelry or even a no host food buffet. Suppliers advertise in magazines such as Middle Eastern connection Inc., this magazine covers Middle Eastern performance weddings, music, dance and ethnic culture and provides the most current news and entertainment information available. For ancient Roman costumes, check out the Anytime Costumes site.


To help you draw up a plan and budget for an ancient, ethnic, or Biblical-themed wedding, network with merchant and costume designers. If you want to know more about what recorded music to have at your wedding, check out the Reviews of Recordings and Books site that specializes in Middle Eastern music. When you plan and cater an ethnic or ancient-themed wedding, Biblical, humanistic, pagan, new thought, civil, historical, or theatrical, you want to start with a database listing merchants, or musical events.


You can plan costume drama ethnic, ancient-themed or modern-day ethnic food events, such as Sacramento’s (modern) Greek for a Day Food Festival at the convention center downtown that is held each year during the Labor Day weekend, vendors at ethnic bazaars, museums, historical associations, and musicians as well as students of music.

You’ll have to coordinate ethnic or historically recreated food selections with costume shop offerings or costume creations from patterns you can purchase online. You might also contact cultural clubs and suppliers as well as stores selling theatrical props. Some weddings use bellydancers (both male and female) to entertain guests before the ceremony starts. 


Most people enjoy ethnic food festivals. Using ancient, Biblical, or medieval themes adds a touch of costume drama and early music to the vegan food selections. Liven-up a celebration of life party or a grand opening, especially an art gallery or museum exhibit with an ancient-themed food festival and the clean scent of vegan dips and salads.


Throw a tea party in a public library conference center


You easily can promote your novel that no one is reading because you're an unknown author by throwing a birthday tea party in a public library setting for the main character in your novel or novel series. You'll need to rent (usually free) a conference-sized room in a public library, usually where lectures or meetings are held, hire a caterer to supply desserts, and perhaps someone to teach the old country or folk dancing of the era of your novel, especially if it's a historical novel or romance novel set in another century past. This works well if you've published your own fiction and nobody's promoting your work but you.


Also, you can create a Facebook page for a national book discussion group focused on your novel(s). That gives you an idea how many followers in your city might attend a birthday tea party for the main character in your novel, stories, or series, or for you as the author, whichever draws more followers.


Pick the character who appears in many of your stories or novels, scripts, or stage plays. Then offer a healthy tea and desserts party. Add an instructor to teach the folk dancing of that era or country where you set your location in. If your novel is set in ancient Rome, throw a toga party featuring food and a talk by an expert in the times and customs of that era, usually a local university history, anthropology, archaeology, or literature educator. Or if your novel features a science theme, have someone give a talk on the science covered by the characters in your science fiction thriller on what the future holds on that topic.


Most library conference rooms are available free as long as you don't charge admission to listen to any talk given or have a birthday party for the characters in your novel there. Keep the subject focused on the life and times or the travels of the main character in your stories, novels, or plays and scripts. This works well with historical novels set in a time and place where you can extend the promotion of your book(s) by having someone who's an expert teach folk dancing or old country dancing of the place and time in which your novel is set.


If your novel is about romance, you can have someone who's an expert give a talk on relationships similar to those experienced by the main character of your book series


All over the nation and in some other countries, you have tea parties or other celebrations and various events dedicated to the birthday of an author of novels that have withstood the test of centuries. You, too can promote your novel. Not your birthday yet because you're still a relatively unknown author. But the characters in your novels and stories, especially if you have a series of novels featuring a particular character, such as a mystery or suspense novel character who solves problems, or a series of romance novels set in another time and place where the same character reappears in other novels or stories or even in plays or scripts.


One way to promote a novel by an unknown author is to form online groups on Facebook or other websites devoted to continuing the adventures of the characters in your stories and novels. You may wish to check out the slideshow on Examiner.com of 50 of Hart's 91 paperback book covers.