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Videos and/or Audios Online by Anne Hart


Videos and Audios Online by Anne Hart


How to Video Record Your Dog's Life Story


Also see my book titled, How to Video Record Your Dog's Life Story: Writing, Financing, & Producing Pet Documentaries, Drama, or News, by Anne Hart ISBN: 978-0-595-45798-4. At this date the book title is listed at Amazon.com.

This is commentary on the book. This video emphasizes the types of planning you need for producing a low-budget salable quality documentary on dogs and/or recording your dog's life story on video.


Budgets are discussed in detail. Record your dog's life story as a celebration and salutation and include the video in your time capsule, digital family newsletter, or produce a training video capturing your dog's life story highlights at each stage of development.


Enjoy the joy of recording significant events in your dog's life. Or make an instructional video on doggie daycamps, care, nutrition, health, agility, leash training, and more. Be creative.


Podcasts Online: By Anne Hart

[texts] 5 Short Stories by Anne Hart - Anne Hart
Five short stories by Anne Hart set in different geographic locations at different times. A fictional time-travel adventure and other stories of adventure, some with historic settings.
Keywords: 5 short stories
Downloads: 27
Five multicultural and/or historical short stories by novelist, Anne Hart (1941). Also see paperback novels and short story books by Anne Hart such as the titles: Dogs with Careers (ISBN: 978-0595-47474-5). Publisher is ASJA Press imprint, iUniverse, inc, 2007. (http://www.iuniverse.com). Dogs with careers has a novel as well as short stories under one cover. Or see Anne Hart's book titled, Who's Buying Which Popular Short Fiction Now, & What Are They Paying? 2007...
Keywords: Five multicultural and/or historical short stories by novelist Anne Hart (1941)
Downloads: 101
Two Poems for Researchers From the Poems Collection titled, Traveling Poems written by Anne Hart (1941) Traveling Poems, a collection of poetry written by Anne Hart was compiled between 1979 and 2008+ Copyright 2007 by Anne Hart Poems for Researchers (from Traveling Poems Continue) HOW FAR BACK IN TIME WERE MY GENES IN ICE AGE REFUGIA? The redundancy and flux in my mtDNA Shows you why I arrived perplexed today...
Keywords: Two poems by Anne Hart for science-enthusiasts who ask why
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[audio] Lectures by Anne Hart, author of 86+ paperback books - Anne Hart
Ten Lectures by Anne Hart, author of 86+ paperback books listed at http://annehart.tripod.com or http://eptd.blogspot.com For further information, see the paperback book titled, How to Start, Teach, & Franchise A Creative Genealogy Writing Class or Club, by Anne Hart. 2008. ASJA Press imprint, iUniverse, inc. ISBN: 978-0-595-52212-5. (http://www.iuniverse.com.)
Keywords: Anne Hart; lectures; book author's lectures; writing instruction; genealogy; personal history; life story interviewing and writing; videobiographies; publishing
Downloads: 100
[audio] Anne Hart's Lecture on How to Write for Inspirational Markets - Anne Hart
How to Write for the Inspirational Markets copyright 1999, by Anne Hart. (I am Anne Hart, the author of this writing and recording.) For further information on writing for the inspirational markets, read Anne Hart's paperback book titled, How to Start, Teach, & Franchise A Creative Genealogy Class or Club. ASJA Press imprint, iUniverse.inc., (http://www.iuniverse.com). Click on Bookstore and search by title...
Keywords: How to Write for the Inspirational, Motivational, Self-Help, New Thought, Transformation,or Religious Markets
Downloads: 43
[texts] Traveling Poems of Anne Hart in Text Format - Anne Hart
Traveling Poems of Anne Hart (1941), 1959-1979, the text format version. The audio version also is on this archive site at: http://www.archive.org/details/TravelingPoems Also view these poems in text form at: http://travelingpoems.blogspot.com
Keywords: Anne Hart; Traveling Poems; 1959-1979; Text Version
Downloads: 70
[audio] Anne Hart's Lecture on the Psychology and Sociology of Corsets and Control - Anne Hart
Anne Hart's lecture on the psycho-social symbolism of corsets and control: corsets for men and women symbolize two different networks of control: the two different psycho-social symbols of corsets supporting and enhancing backbone, network, and spine of courage seen in men's "shoulder," posture, hernia brace,or protective sports corsets and codpieces versus the spatial reduction and breath-restricting history of women's corsets as reduction of private and public vertical and horizontal space...
Keywords: psycho-social symbols corsets; connectedness; and control--spatial privacy
Downloads: 212
[texts] TRAVELING POEMS AND SHORT STORIES OF ANNE HART (b. 1941)- Stories and Poems: 1959 to 1979+ and 2008. - Anne Hart
The traveling poems of Anne Hart (b. 1941). Poems of resilience written 1959-1979, 2008+ and five short stories.
Keywords: The traveling poems of Anne Hart (b. 1941). Poems of resilience written 1959-1979; 2009+ and five short stories
Downloads: 42

Lafayette High School Class of 1959: 50th Reunion: Best Wishes - Anne Hart
Greetings from Anne Hart to everyone from the class of 1959, Lafayette High School. Cheers to all and best wishes for a wonderful 50th reunion. Thanks for the connectedness, creativity, community, clarity, conviviality, camaraderie, and cavalcade of cadence as we all walk down that candid memory lane. Anne Hart


Sample Poem:

Poems on the topic artificial intelligence written in the 1990s-2002:


Extreme Ultraviolet Rides the e-Beam

(copyright by Anne Hart)


To snap the lithography force field,
Extreme ultraviolet rides the e-beam.
Suspending ranks of molecules between electrodes,
She lets quantum particles compute in multiverses.

She teleports matter, unleashing IBM on quantum mirages.
And Lucent works e-beams on code-name Scalpel.
Intel, AMD, and Motorola, and every other CPU maker,
Joins the parade of purses marching to EUV.

It's the end of the Silicon Cycle. Long live the smallest package.
Spin-up and Spin-down as the binary 0 and 1.
Quantum particles live in two places at once,
So my job as a retiree is to determine a value.

Wow! I am needed again after old age to decide
Which super-positioned state begets the logic.
What fun it is to be more than a molecular-scaled granny
With an MA in English and a shelf of unpublished novels.



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