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Getting started writing by speaking what you would like to express to a voice recording device

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All you have to do is simply say what you want to say in writing and record your voice on any recording device you have.


To get started in writing, you can speak or dictate into any recording device and transcribe what  you said or use software to transcribe your voice into text/print. Writing or journaling is more suitable to those who like writing entries in diaries. And speaking is more comfortable to those who enjoy talking into a machine what they'd like to say.


A writer also can use Dragon systems to speak into a computer microphone which then translates the voice into print/text so you can print out what you write and correct if you want to change how the writing sounds. I hope this can help you. It's the way I got started. My major in college starting from in 1959 was creative writing for the M.A. under the English department.


Just write the way you speak

All you have to do is simply say what you want to say in writing and record your voice on any recording device you have, a digital recorder, a phone, or whatever. Then just save what you have to say as an audio MP3 file in your computer. You can do the same with any video from your cell phone video camera or other.


Then all you need to do is type up in print/text on your computer your exact words. It's really so easy, nothing to it. If you can talk, you can record your voice, and transcribe what you said. That's all there is to writing. It worked for me for the past 30 years or so, since recording voice was invented on a tape recorder.


The practice came from typing on a Dictaphone machine everything my employer dictated to me when I worked in the steno pool in the early 1960s. That's all there is to writing. It's one alternative to writing your thoughts and then revising them.

All my novels I first talked out to myself and recorded my voice, then typed/transcribed what I just said.


Then I corrected the spelling and grammar, if required. There's nothing else to writing. Begin in the genre you like most, be it nonfiction, news, fiction, plays, poetry, dialogue, or whatever you like most, including your diary or journal. Keep writing daily.


Then publish what you wrote. You can publish free on Amazon.com for ebooks or kindle without paying any money to publish your books. I did that after retiring from writing paperbacks.