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How many ways can you make money in multimedia with video in a variety of projects?

35 Video Podcasting Careers And Businesses To Start: Step By Step Guide For Home Grown Broadcasters - Anne Hart

How many ways can you make money in multimedia with video in a variety of projects

How many ways can you make money in multimedia with video in a variety of projects?


You also can create your own list of open-ended possibilities. 

Practice seeing patterns in everything, making connections between two unrelated subjects, looking at symbols, bringing objects or people together, and making the abstract concrete enough to follow and understand without too many complications, when necessary. 


Make your videos useful and research your specialized markets. Here's a list of 358 ways to use video in your career, job, or project. How many more uses of video in numerous applications can you research, design, and apply in addition to video conferences, sign-language video phones, video weddings, and family or corporate and educational reunions?


© by Anne Hart 


Useful, alternative video business possibilities list


1. Video therapist technician

2. Video Infomercial production

3. Video inventory checker

4. Video Demo tape production

5. Video international reunion service and satellite

videoconferencing/video courier

6. Video public relations service

7. Employee screening service video

8. Video software talent management

9. Video dating service

10. Muckraking and underground (censored news) videos

    (Cover the news that didn't make the news, exposing

corporate, institutional, or government corruption through your

investigative video reporting.)

11. Videotape game or video storyteller

12. Instructional videos and How To Have a Good Life Video: teach

sewing, costume design, painting, cooking, remodeling, makeup,

self-esteem enhancement, etc. (Produce any how-to instructional

or training video on whatever you know how to do really well.)

13. Video close captioning for the deaf. Or video hand sign

language interpretation for the deaf.

14. Video UFO research/interviews/abductees/sightings recorded.

15. Public histories on video production.

16. Videobiographies

17. Family identification service

18. Instructional and training videos

19. Surgery and operations on video tape

20. Childbirth on video tape

21. Deathbed, last images, and last will and testament on tape

22. Weddings, parties, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs,

confirmations, and life events on tape

23. Conventions and public speakers on tape

24. Trade shows, exhibits, and new technology events

25. Direct mail marketing and sales by video

26. Private Investigator search techniques on tape: how to check

up on anybody. 27. Software video instruction on tape (video


28. Corporate histories and annual marketing or financial

reports. 29. Editing other people's videos

30. Financial planning on video

31. Basic skills instruction on video

32. Foreign languages on video or English as a second language

33. Video advertisements

34. Videos on ethics

35. Corporate training on video

36. Healthcare professionals training tapes

37. Personality assessment questionnaire videos

38. Preschool physical exercise and fitness on video

39. Nutrition videos

40. Senior citizens networking and courses on video

41. Courses for homebased students on video

42. Videos for particular disabilities

43. Workability videos for persons entering the workforce

44. Multimedia videos using computers and video cameras

45. Games on video, including animation

46. Hospital videos for patient viewing

47. Cultural diversity videos for businesses or schools.

48. Videos for animal viewing (primates in sanctuaries, labs,

zoos, and research centers)

49. Legal depositions on video 

50. Forensic, (forensic medical videos) and crime lab photography

videos for evidence technology (including accident scene

diagrams, chronology of events, photos, scale models, charts,

graphs, maps, accident scene diagrams, and technical illustration


51. Security and surveillance/mobile surveillance

52. Pet videos or pet training for pet owners

53. Accident reconstruction videos for insurance firms

54. Home healthcare videos and home response taping

55. Corporate animation videos

56. Artists exhibits, art portfolios, and art show videos

57. Resumes and Non-resume Job Portfolios on video tape

58. Real estate sales videos, commercial or residential

59. Appraisal videos, property or real estate

60. Cartography videos (maps) on video (cross-country or

international driving routes and sights videos).

61. Travel videos

62. Visual anthropology tapes, preservation on video of tribal

and ethnic cultures around the world, or esoteric languages and

customs on tape. 63. Cooking videos, video cookbooks.

64. Religious videos of customs and rituals preserved or church

sermons, religious services on tape for homebound viewers. View a

variety of religions at home.

65. Pen pal videos, for people who can't be there in person to

chat and exchange conversation or souvenirs.

66. Prisoner-to-family correspondence on video. Also videos for

the institutionalized person.

67. Virtual reality video simulation: How your home will look

after it's remodeled. Or create medical or architectural models

on video using virtual reality technology on video tape.  

68. Virtual reality simulation games on video for game machines.

69. Computer-assisted reporting videos.

70. Videos for foster parents, child daycare workers.

71. Video dating and marriage brokerage service

72. Video business partner matching

73. Family photos on video, genealogy videos, and family

histories: videobiographies and autobiographies on tape.

74. Poetry reading on videos.

75. Greeting cards and love letters on video.

76. Close captioning and hand signing for the deaf

77. Distance teaching tapes

78. Bellydancing videos

79. Psychic predictions videos: one each month or quarterly 80.

Futurist trend forecasting on video

81. Video magazine for teenagers.

88. Music videos: auditioning new composers and musicians

89. Video software talent agent

90. Mediums and channelers on video

91. University courses by video

92. Writing or art instruction videos

93. Matching services: students with scholarships or schools, on

video 94. Baby sitters and nanny services or household managers

screening videos. Choose your nanny from the monthly video of


95. Toy store video products

96. Children's interests videos

97. Air checker (record television advertisements for ad agencies

and product manufacturers who advertise on T.V.)

98. Newspaper clipping service on video and T.V. news video

clipping. 99. Video market research and audience tracking

100. Book publicist video service (Interview writers on video for

their book publicists and create video book tours).

101. Talk show video library: (Record television talk show

interviews for clients appearing on the show and their public

relations agencies.) 102. Documentaries

103. Compilations of previously existing material

104. Personalities and Trailers for film and video producers 105.


106. How-to

107. Children and animation videos

108. Music

109. Book-based videos

110. Romance novels on video

111. Video distribution by mail

112. Video agent

113. Video foster grandparents

114. Video packager, including corporate animation

115. Licensed toy character and celebrity videos

116. Sports videos

117. Video bartending

118. Foreign TV videos

119. Video budget planner

120. Financial, stocks videos

121. Children's videos

122. History on video

123. Video letters

124. Video questionnaires: Personality, psychological, and

aptitude questionnaire videos.

125. Scholastic testing on video of basic or advanced skills

and/or oral interview and oral exam testing.

126. Video classified advertisments/ad agency

127. Play production videos, including church and local

theatrical play taping and taping pays for playwrights, students,

and actors. 128. Publisher's video library

129. Video shopping coupon book

130. corporate animation and children's animation, appealing to

the newest toy store video trade...animated dolls and toys.

131. Script supervisor            

132.   Story editor/ reader for plays/scripts

133. Dramaturg (Literary Manager) with analysis on video

134.  Video/Literary  Agent

135.  Videotherapist or Video therapist technician

136. Electronic Editor

137. Desktop Video Programner

138. Desktop Video Producer

139. Video Magazine or Newsletter


140. UFO Investigator

141. Seminar Planner

142. Event  Planner

143. Videoconferencing Designer

144. Convention Recorder

145. Publicist

146. National Organization

     Startup  Planner

147. Documentation Analyst

148. Electronic Translater

149. Visual Anthropology


150. Video Indexer

151. Freelance video editor

152. Public Speaker

153. Electronic Farm Newsletter


154. Technical Video Editor/Writer Freelance

155. Video script proofreader

156. Children's video book

     consultant/buyer or media buyer 

157.  Collaborator

158. Educational video producer/Mobile Editor

159. Video and Audio Cassette Tape Agent or Software/Video Talent

     Manager  160. New Age Video Producer/self-enhancement

161. Artist's Event Videographer

162. Art Show Promotor/Art Video producer

163. Cruise-Line Videography Teacher

164. Instructional Video Producer/Technical Editor

165. Trainer

166. Instructional technologist

167. Executive health promotion video producer or speaker  168.

Forensic Photographer

169. Photojournalist

170. Distance Teacher

171. Crafts Video

     Scriptwriter/Producer (How-To)

172. Autobiography Videographer

173. Animator, corporate ad, or children's programming

174. Preschool exercise video producer/instructor/consultant

175. Videobiographer specializing in life story videos for older

adults or corporate histories.

176. Oral historian. Videotape holocaust survivors and survivors

of      various disasters and wars for specialty museum

libraries. 177. Video script supervisor

178. Video Greeting Card designer

179. Graphic Novel Writer (video comic books for grownups)  180.

Ethnic customs and costumes or world foods Video Consultant  181.

Video Food Stylist

182. Video Software designer for writers, artists, special

effects  183. Interactive Multimedia Producer, Designer, or

Writer for Video       and computer video games

184. Video romance novels on tape: producer/writer

185. Videos for deaf, close captioned or signing

186. Adult Education Teacher of video production or video writing

187. Agent's Reader/Screener/Video producer's representative

188. Video and Book Tour Promoter

189.  Travel video producer: specialty travel: for students, the

disabled, seniors, teens, etc.

190. International Video Scriptwriter's Agent and Video Agent or

Video Distributor International Producer's and Publisher's

Representative 191. Teen video magazine

192.  Information Broker/Competitive Intelligence Researcher to

the video industry

193.  Software or Video Locator

194.  Special effects designer or video titles creator

195.  Storefront Video and Video Writer's  School Director  196.

Correspondence School Instructor

197.  Hospital video therapist

198.  Video Playwright for Children's Theatre and Schools of

Performing Arts

199.  Comedy Writer or standup comic video producer, suppliers of

video comedy for institutionalized and hospitalized patients or

prisoners.  200. Comedy Trainer/ comedy and humor training

videos: train the trainer tapes. 201. Story Structure Analyst (to

screenwriters/novelists)  202. Writer's Office Designer

203. Kitchen Designer and Cookbook Writer

204. Video columnist:  Newspaper/Trade Journal/Specialty

Newsletters  205. Video colorist   

206. Personnel screener/interview in screening videos for

employers.  207. Infomercial Producer/Designer/Writer

208. Autobiographer

209. Electronic (video) Advertising Copywriter

210. Cable Television Media Buyer

211. Market Researcher/Audience Analyst/for consumers of video.

212. Telecommuting Planner (for Government and Corporations) (You

set up corporate and government employees to work at home with

video cameras and computers linked to  the government or

corporate central computer 213. Videotext  editor

214. Air-Checker (record commercials at home on your TV and/or

radio for ad agencies)

215. Visual Anthropological data analyst/visual anthropology

video library owner or maintain database clearinghouse on visual

anthropology videos, video grants, and participants.

216. Medical video producer physician's television or radio

network or health care scriptwriter

217. Personality  Assessment Coordinator/Sales

Representative and Video Producer

218. Psychological Type and Temperament Video Producer

219. Gambling How-To, game playing: how to beat the odds of

gambling, card-playing and other games of chance videos.

220.  Self-defense videos.

221. Modern or fad dances, skating, skateboarding, surfing videos

222. Stocks and bonds: investments

223. Psychic predictions for the year or month videos

224. Job search videos

225. Computer aided design video producer

226. Video accident reconstructionist/forensic videographer 227.

Time management video producer

228. Political campaign management video producer/publicist 229.

Customer support video producer/writer

230. Nurses' training video producer

231. Direct mail video copywriter

232  Exhibit and trade show event video creative director

233. Domestic violence prevention video producer/trainer

234. Video earth satellite technician

235. Video fashion show producer/including music videos.

236. Media Buyer/Audience Research

237. Market Research Video Analyst and Planner  

238. Telecommuting planner for government and Corporations (You

set up corporate  and government  employees  to work at home with

video cameras and personal computers linked to              

videoconferencing with the government, school  or corporate

central computers and video players/cameras.)  239. Videotext


240. Air-Checker  (record commercials or monitor news)

241. Visual/Video Anthropologist/producer

242. Medical Videographer

243. Physician's video/radio network producer/writer or

distributor 244. Personality assessment video

coordinator/personality training videos. 245. Trade show  display


planner/videographer/publicist/direct mail video copywriter  246.

Animation designer or writer/producer or packager and distributor

of animation   

247. Video and Electronic Greeting Card Designer or salesperson

248. Video apartments producer/Real  Estate  Advertising


249.  Video Software Reviewer/

250.  Restaurant/Entertainment video trailer producer or Reviewer

251. Camcorder  Buyer's Guide Writer

252.  Music video producer/Lyric Song Writer's Agent/Lyric song

writer/videos and portfolio videos for auditions of other song

writers composing on video or Midi synthesizer video musical

television producer. 253.  Wedding and family videobiographies

254. Amateur producer's video sales and rental store owner/video

sharing and public domain video sales and rentals. (Including

mail order amateur and public domain video sales or rentals.)

255. Video mail order catalog producer/Publisher

256. Wholesale video security dealer/for video management of

stores, malls, schools, offices, and homes.

257. Video producer's Retreat Owner/Renter

258. How to repair-video producer, director, packager,

distributor, or writer: fish out assignments  to other

     video producers/writers/repair technicians.

259. Medical or legal transcription dictated on video instead of

audio cassette. (See the dictationist while you transcribe the

tape or use videoconferencing or videophones.)

260. Computer-generated video special effects and title designer

for home videos.

261. Video tape editing service owner.

262. Cultural diversity videos producer

263. Direct mail video and infomercial producer/ Mail Marketing

Videos and script writing/copywriting

264. Novelty videos/humor/video gag writer/

265. Gift videos/self-enhancement wholesaler

266. Video Patent  Searchers 

267. Create videos that develop one's tolerance for ambiguity

268. Import/Export video and interactive multimedia book  buyer

269. Speciality video dating service/introduction or matching

service for business partners, social dating, or matching

compatible people for venture capital raising and business


270. Pet matchmaking videos for mating certain lines of dogs,

cats, horses, birds, foul, fish, game animals, rare zoo  animals,

endangered species animals, or a variety of species for land or

sea animal theme parks. Or match farm animals for breeding by

their DNA lines.

271. Video producer's and writer's independent or freelance Job

Information video clearinghouse

272. 900 Video information Telephone Line

273. Testing Service/interactive video response testing

274. Video Production Grants Writer/Government and Technical

Contract Bids or Educational video production.

275. Videos for matching students with Scholarships, fellowships,

grants and residencies: video locator service

276. Land or financial video locating

277. Video Scriptwriter

278. Interactive Multimedia Scriptwriter or producer

279. Carpet sculpture videos--insert woven logo design into

carpet  for corporate client and design motto and logo.)

280. Virtual reality entertainment, amusement park, or game video

producer, digital theme parks in storefront shopping malls.

281. Video fund raiser

282. Trade show demonstration exhibit designer/producer

283. Video career/employment counselor/consultant

284. Video production business plan writer for new video

businesses applying for financing

285. Video grants proposal writer

286. Toy video producer

287. Gag video producer/writer

288. Idea Generator/Motivator/Inspirational Speaker/Writer video

producer  289. Military video producer.

290. Religious producer: sermons on video for homebased religious

services or events

291. Ethnic Cookbook videos

292. Playology videos

293. Animal care videos.

294. Travel videographer

295. Women's studies video producer

296. Video advertising researcher

297. Media buyer

298. Cooking videos

299. Booklet, workbook, and pamphlet publisher to accompany

videos. 300. Teen magazine or music video producer

301. Gift videos for special holidays and occasions.

302. Video comparison shopping research

303. Niche video distributor

304. Film festival videos/ video monitor reporter/representataive

305. Catering service to video and filmmakers

306. Professional video finder

307. Selling videos and video-related information from around the

world in many languages.

308. Motivational/New Age video and pamphlet production

309. Freelance video advertising copywriter

310. Restaurant review videos

311. Book and software review videos

312. Paid volunteer video trainer

313. Nursing continuing education videos.

314. Mobile nursery school exercise program video designer  315.

Poet resident in the city schools with videos.

316. Art as virtual reality on video

317. Video direct mail marketing copywriter

318. Promotional video producer

319. Hypnosis videos, or past life regressions and future life

progressions tapes

320. Adult survivor of child abuse therapy videos.

321. Industrial training videos.

322. Corporate training on personality differences in the

workplace video productions.

323. American Sign Language Videos for the deaf or to train the

hearing to work with deaf employees.

324. Video press and media kit designer

325. Videos to engage latchkey kids in learning as fun activities

326. Science for children or adults

327. UFO sightings videos or interviews with contactees/abductees

stories on video

328. True confessions on video

329. Video shopping direct mail marketing

330. Video sights and sounds to quiet crying infants

331. Children's bedtime calming stories and music on video 332.

Videos for store and exhibit hall product demonstrations 333.

Hard to find courses on video.

334. Interior decorating on video, or home remodeling techniques

335. Art instruction videos

336. Wholesaling by video or videoconference

337. Seminar promotion videos

338. Distance teaching

339. Homebirth instruction, preparation and supplies, including

LaMaze or similar type birthing instruction and exercises

340. Infant care for new parents or babysitters

341. Nanny training videos

342. First aid and/or home remedies videos

344. Women's opportunity week videos for networking

345. Penpals on video

346. I.Q. Testing

347. Puzzles, riddles, and word games on video.

348. Math quizzes on video

349. Critical thinking videos.

350. Quizzes and aptitude tests on video.

351. Personality testing

352. Metaphysical videos

342. Media Interface Liaison

343. Procedure writer for video producers

344. Instructional technology producer/writer

345. Post Production video editor

346. Virtual reality producer

347. Interactive multimedia videographer

348. Technical video producer/writer

349. Videotape production coordinator

350. Video Informationist

351. Software video interface producer/writer

352. Computer software instruction video producer

353. Micrographics designer

354. Video market trend  forecaster

355. Mentoring videos for trainees:Retirees mentoring recent


356. Videopals: penpals via video: children and older people

357. Beautiful images videos: scenes to lower your blood pressure

358. How women express anger and its effect on their health.