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Everything goes into its own recycle bin, just like the seasons

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Just daydreaming: All science knows is that there's a force in the universe that turns energy into matter after matter has been turned into energy.

When an animal passes over the rainbow bridge, it's carcass becomes bug food, which then becomes energy in time when the planet is vaporized by it's expanding red giant sun/star. Then whatever energy it's transformed into in time solidifies into matter, and the animal could end up as a rock, an ocean drop, rain, a cloud, part of another star, or as a one-celled microbe, in time....Or as part of another star's super nova, or as a gas cloud in space, for starters.


Just daydreaming....what happens to a microbe when it's flushed....Maybe it ends up a raindrop in the ocean....Just imaging what could be....when and if energy in time ends up as matter again and again in a big circle. Could be E=mc^2 and conservation of energy.


In the 9th grade (my English class) when I gave a speech on the biography a famous person, in that case, Einstein, my English teacher fired off, "If so few people understand energy equals matter times the square of the speed of light, what makes you think you're so smart to explain it to this class?" So I said, "It's about transformation...as in reincarnation...meaning to me that I have all these carnations to recycle.


First matter becomes energy, and then energy solidifies back into matter over and over again. Like a big circle, a giant recycle. So nothing gets thrown away. Everything goes into its own recycle bin so to speak. Just like the seasons."