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Do you want to raise funds or solve problems by writing, publishing, or producing?

Book and Photos by Anne Hart


The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it.” __ Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881)


Benjamin Disraeli, novelist, debator, and prime minister in England (elected to parliament), wrote many novels, including a trilogy "Coningsby,” "Sybil," and "Tancred.” and The Life and Reign of Charles I (1828).  A nearly three-page listing of Disraeli’s quotations appear in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.


Cheers to Simplicity


            Do you want to raise funds or solve problems for your favorite cause by writing, publishing, or producing? Simplicity sells. About keeping things simple, clear, and consistent, that's the first thing I learned when I went to technical writing school to learn to write computer manuals two decades ago after I tried to get a real-world teaching job with a masters degree in creative writing--fiction. We used to wear buttons saying "clarify and simplify." It prevents logorrhea. It sure helped when I entered the field of medical writing.

The following five details helped to sell my fiction (23 novels): simplicity, commitment, consistency, universal values, and clarity. If you write fiction, you write about what keeps families together, puts bread on the table, and pulls its own weight. You write about searching or brainstorming for answers, surprises, measurable results, imagination, and solutions to problems close by instead of looking for creativity enhancement, success, or the unexpected in all those far away or exotic places. And yes, that illustrates simplicity without talking down to the readers. Make the reader feel important. Who does it best?

It's the people that write user-friendly books. The skills you learn by writing computer manuals transfers to writing novels when people can follow the simplicity and still feel good after reading your book. Hooray for all writers who emphasize clarity through simplicity. It sells. <![if !supportLineBreakNewLine]>


102 Fund-Raising “How-To” Career Development, Problem-Solving, Practical Training, or Vocational Biography Pamphlets to Publish


Raising funds? How do you do it? Simply interview folks in these occupations and write their brief vocational biographies. You can hire freelance writers to write the biographical interviews emphasizing what they do on their job, education/training, and experience, target market, location, and expected income. Market your publications at career development events and conferences and with school libraries and career, human resources, or employment centers.

Your publishing effort can be pamphlets, glossy magazines, books, or loose leaf vocational biographies that you market to schools, career centers, and libraries. Advertise for people to interview that do these types of work as their main form of income or as a part-time business.

You can find them in various professional and trade associations related to the industries or occupations. Publishing vocational biographies can be in paperback or as a video news release on the highlights of various vocations. One example could be a day in the life of a book packager. Keep the vocational biography short and focus on the highlights.

Pamphlets could run 45-100 pages. Here are some suggested vocations that haven’t been covered in depth too many times. You could focus on the 50 vocations that will grow in the next decade or choose vocations such as these below that emphasize hobbies and beyond as vocations such as archivist leading to a possibly more secure job with one’s state. 


1)    American Studies Participant/Observer/Reporter

2)    Adoptions Researcher

3)    Anthropologist/Applied

4)    Antiques and Paper Collectibles Dealer in Family History/Postcards/Photos/Diaries

5)    Archivist/State Employee

6)    Area Studies Specialist

7)    Attorney/Notary/Court Records Researcher

8)    Banking historian

9)    Biographer

10) Book author/article writer/columnist

11) Book Locator

12) Book Packager

13) Braille Transcriber/Genealogy Records

14) Career Consultant or Counselor

15) Clarifying Secrets in Memoirs Writing/Intergenerational Writing/Publishing Specialist

16) Clergy

17) Collectibles Dealer

18) Computer Database Manager/Researcher/Designer

19) Conference and Seminar Event Planner

20) Conservator

21) Court Records Researcher/Historian

22) Diary Conservator

23) DNA-driven Genealogy Researcher

24) Documentarian

25) Estate Sales and Auction Directors

26) Ethnographer

27) Eulogy Writer

28) Family Conflicts Mediator

29) Family History Gift Basket Entrepreneur

30) Family History Internet Theater Producer

31) Family Newsletter Publisher/Designer

32) Family Recipe Publisher

33) Genealogist

34) Genealogy Camp Coordinator/Life Story Writing or History Research Camp

35) Genealogy Club Events Coordinator

36) Genealogy Events and Trade Show Planner

37) Genealogy Software Designer

38) Genealogy Software Manufacturer’s Representative

39) Genealogy/Family History Teacher—online or in person

40) Genetics Counselor

41) Geographic Area Genealogy Researcher

42) Gerontologist

43) Gift Book or Booklet Publisher/Writer/Designer

44) Gift Manufacturer—Family History Novelties, Collectibles, Memorabilia

45) Greeting Card Writer/Personalize for Families

46) Handwriting and Documents Researcher

47) Historian

48) Historic Genealogy Society Administrator/Founder/Researcher

49) Historical Handwriting Analyst

50) Historical Society Coordinator/Founder/Administrator

51) Immigrant Ancestor Project Coordinator

52) Indexer/Genealogy Books, Records, and Web-based Databases

53) Intergenerational Interviewer

54) Internships Director for a University

55) Intimate Journeys Genealogical Walking Tours of Neighborhoods Connecting Families

56) Journalist

57) Librarian

58) Library of Congress Employee

59) Linguist/early handwriting specialist/Languages

60) Locator of Descendants for Restoring and Returning Historic Photos, Ephemera, and Memorabilia (found in antique shops, at estate sales, and displayed in restaurants).

61) Matchmaker

62) Medical Historian

63) Memoirs Writing Educator

64) Museum Archivist

65) Music/Musician Genealogist

66) Native American/Indigenous Peoples History/Genealogy Researcher

67) Novelist/Playwright/Memoirs Writer

68) Oral Historian

69) Paper Sales/Marketing/Manufacturing (for conservation and library or museum uses)

70) Personal Historian

71) Personalized Family History Greeting Card Design, Poems, Illustration

72) Photographer

73) Probate, Wills, and Estate Paralegal or Attorney

74) Progenealogist

75) Public Historian

76) Public Servant/Government Employee

77) Public Speaker

78) Publicist/Public Relations Director

79) Publisher

80) Rabbinical Dynasty Genealogist

81) Radio or TV Genealogy Talk Show Host

82) Real Estate Historian (world-wide historical property ownership research)

83) Records Administrator

84) Reunions Planner

85) Sales/Genealogy Products/Marketing Manager

86) Satellite/Internet Connections

87) Scholarship Researcher/Ethnic, Area, or Surname Scholarships

88) Skip Tracer (locate people who moved away)

89) Social History Researcher

90) Sociologist

91) Software Designer/Family History/Genealogy

92) Specialist in Finding Women’s History-Related Documents (such as maiden names)

93) Surname Group Administrator/Researcher

94) Teacher/Time Capsules and Social History

95) Time Capsules Craft

96) Transcriber

97) Translator

98) Travel Agent: Ethnic and Family Tours Specialist

99) Traveling Genealogist

100)Two-Line Tombstone Writer

101) Videographer

102) Walking Tour Guide-Extended Family and Reunion Walking Tours of Ancestors’ Neighborhoods around the World or Locally