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Writing novels where the main character is an anthropologist on the airwaves

Novel by Anne Hart.


What will the anthropologist main character do in this novel? I've written numerous paperback novels, and about 87 of my paperback books are still in print at this time. This is my paperback humorous novel of suspense and adventure. It's listed at this date at: http://www.amazon.com/Liberalism-Conservatism-Character-Disorder-Publicity/dp/0595317510/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1443897865&sr=8-1&keywords=is+radical+liberalism%2C+anne+hart


About the book - Excerpt:

What can you tell me about myself, Dr. Lopez? Sara asked."You're doomed to remain idle. You're imprisoned in yourself in a state of nothingness, unless you start teaching what you know online." Anna Kow handed Sara a box of tissues as her tears rolled down into her collar. "Is there any reason for my existing?" Anna asked me. Sara looked at Anna, not at me.

There was a pause of silence."I'm hiring you as my mentor even though you're a visual anthropologist and a journalist," Anna said in a throaty voice. "Do you mind?"

"I'll squeeze you into my girdle," Consuelo said.

"Mentoring you won't work at this early stage. I'll put you down for one-on-one, starting this evening at seven in my office-without Sara." Consuelo jotted Anna's name and phone number in her appointment book."How do you like being mother to the world?" Anna asked.

"Someone's already asked me that before, when I wrapped a young woman in a blanket and asked her to tell me what she felt like as she confessed her anger at her betrayer." What happens when an extreme liberal meets an extreme conservative? Are they diagnosed with a mental disease or a character disorder? Or is it all a publicity campaign? In a novel of intrigue, will the anthropologist return a tougher soldier than ever? Two females pit their wits in a game and adventure that takes them half way around the world.