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What does a video therapist technician do?


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Do you just do the work without worrying whether you're hired or not. Have you hired yourself?  If the dream is big enough, the facts don't matter, or do they, and if so, to whom and why? Do you conclude that if you know you have choices, the values in the choices outweigh the facts?


Something is greater out there than core identity. Whatever it is, it can include meditation and the chants of Tibetan monks. Do you paint Mandalas of deep archetypes as you write about serenity, harmony, and developing creativity while enhancing intuition in all areas of life, work, and play? Whether you write or illustrate about relationships, finance, or machines, keep writing and/or illustrating with great joy. Have you observed that much of life is about personal broadcasting networks? Do you link all people to the one universal whole? That’s where true happiness can be found for those who prefer going  to those links. 




            It's time to cash-in online, on various discs and drives, and beyond with your web-centric, streaming, or otherwise online digital video camera and personal broadcasting networks on the Internet. You also may wish to check out the 376 ideas to look into and research for possible part-time endeavors. You'll find many resources for operating your business, seeking training, finding equipment needed, and locating referrals, leads, contacts, and information. See what trade publications can do for you ideas.

            Taking action with your video camera also means becoming involved with the professional, trade, and business associations. They have job hotlines, conventions, publications, internships and volunteer opportunities for independents. Learn how to really work a room at terrific networking meetings.


            The person who makes the most successful Web videos is able to do the following tasks that are easily accomplished by extroverted intuition--either dominant or auxiliary, and perception (revealing alternative possibilities from camera angles to alternative budgeting).


1. Sees patterns in everything.

2. Makes connections between two unrelated subjects and brings them together creating a whole new third subject or object.

3. Sees symbols in nature and makes them concrete and easy to grasp. Takes the abstract and applies it to what is of universal interest to all people. Makes the hard-to-understand symbols clear, useful, and practical.

4. Uses intuition (imagination based on experience and judgment) plus feeling to move the video forward. The forward action creates a measurable range of change from beginning to end known as growth.

5. Knows how to communicate, inspire, persuade, and motivate with video clips that reach people at their feeling/gut/emotional level while appealing to and respecting the viewer's logic/intellect.

6. Knows how to fill a void/need in the community with material that has universal appeal, even in a niche or specialty video.

7. Caters to the majority of pragmatic, down-to-earth viewers who want timely, useful information to make important life decisions, do something better, or improve themselves.

8. Presents learning as entertainment. Shows viewers how to have more fun with escape while learning new skills at the same time.

9. Shows the viewer without preaching how to reach his/her maximum potential or how to grow from the inside out. Works for a cause. Shows the viewer why and how to become involved.

10. Improves the quality of the viewer's lives while making the audience feel important and respected. The video leaves the viewer feeling good/positive at the end.


To integrate seeing patterns in everything with carrying out the concrete details of camera angles, it's highly recommended to work with a partner or team member who uses extroverted sensing well either as a dominant or auxiliary part of the personality.

Two people may be able to improve on another individual's Web video or videobiography designs if one is an extroverted intuitive and the other is an extroverted sensor, either in dominant or auxiliary personality. The intuitive may write the first draft of a script, and the sensor may flesh out the concrete details in the second draft.


The same works in reverse with camera angles or storyboards. The concrete sensor draws sketches from the abstract intuitive's designs and brings in the finer details of texture, colors, and script details so that little is overlooked in photo-reality. 

You can choose among numerous ways to open a business-based home according to your preferences, such as earning with your video camera. 


For example, if you're a fitness trainer, kinesiologist, a yoga or tai-chi instructor, a therapist in the expressive arts, health and exercise, dance education, or work with therapists to assist them, you might also look into a part-time business in your field as a video therapist technician or produce videos in the field in which you train others or assist those who train others:






            Your videos can improve the quality of life for others. Wouldn't it be wonderful to make a a video on the healing power of play (playology) linking research with dolphins and autistic children to show beneficial mutual effects? Your videos help therapists take clients to the next level of recovery.


            The video therapist technician assists a psychologist, interpreter for the deaf, psychiatrist, social worker, counselor, teacher, or psychotherapist by operating a video camera, editing the digital recording or those older video recordings, and monitoring a television set to help children and adults with emotional or behavioral problems. In some videos people and animals interact to show the beneficial or healing results from play between the two.


            Scriptwriting is another option. The best market today is producing and distributing exercise, fitness, or healing-through-play videos for target populations and special groups of clients or patients such as preschool, seniors, persons with certain illnesses or disabilities.


            Video therapy is done also with schizophrenics to show them how to have emotion, and with the elderly for therapeutic communication. It is a new biofeedback technique that teaches speech volume and coping mechanisms. It condenses behavior into "well" role models on video recordings and shows a person how others see him or her.


            Video therapy teaches prosocial behavior in prisons, schools, geriatric homes, on-the-job, in psychologists' offices, and in numerous institutional settings. Experience is telescoped. The video therapist's duties are to film the counseling session and carefully to edit the digital recordings or those decades-old recordings to include only appropriate behavior. The patient then sees the edited digital video recording and becomes his or her own teaching resource. It's also important to video recording interpreters for the deaf as they do their hand and finger signing in American Sign Language.


            These interpreters need to be video recorded so that the speaker in the background of the recording can be hand signed (such as close captioning) hearing-impaired video viewers. Or you can close-caption video recordings and put in written words on the recording. 




            It's possible for a video therapist technician to earn $25,000 or more annually, if the emphasis is on work as a trained technician, technologist or therapist in related areas. Video therapy is a useful application for trained fitness and nutrition personnel or personal and corporate trainers in fitness, nutrition, or related therapies. Training videos and multimedia education or instruction for homebased students, including senior citizens are a potential market, too. Or create your own videos and sell each in the range of $20 to $40 to helping professionals, allied health workers, and the public. 




            Institutional centers, childhood development centers, schools, geriatric centers, psychiatrist's offices, marketing and advertising research firms, cable television stations, exercise spas, and educational psychology research programs.

            Exercise, accupressure, Yoga, and playology videos appeal to stressed-out salespersons, therapists, teachers, attorneys, public speakers, holistic health workers, nurses, physicians, and other allied health workers, sedentary people, and anyone interested in personal growth, fitness, or nutrition.  

            Operate your video business or distribute your recordings in areas where holistic health and alternative fitness instruction is popular--such as large cities, the whole state of California, the entire West coast, New York, large cities, ski resorts, health spas, vacation areas, Colorado, and especially, Arizona.         




            Video school courses in camera operation and video recording and editing are helpful. By learning how to edit video recordings, you can save yourself the cost of hiring a video editor.


            Many video production supplies stores offer short courses in how to edit various formats of recordings and in video production techniques. They can also refer you to low-cost adult education courses in many areas. Community college courses in recreational therapy assisting, gerontology, or nursery school teaching also are helpful. 


            You can even earn a certificate as a "certified" recreational therapy aide or recreational therapist from a community or two-year college and produce videos on recreation for the institutionalized person or for senior centers and nursing homes. In addition, you can earn a certificate as a health and fitness trainer or health promoter from the extended studies division of many major universities. Extension courses (extended studies departments) are open to adults and usually have no-prerequisites. 



            The ability to relate to all kinds of people under extremes of behavior is essential. An aptitude for editing video in an artistic way following specific directions is necessary.  




            Purchase a broadcast quality video camera or super 8 camcorder, video recording media, editing machine, VCR player, and equipment to produce titles on your video recording. This can be either standalone title makers or computer software that produces titles on video recording materials/formats and can be hooked up to your video camera. Call your local video supplies store to outfit you with camera, editing machines, title makers, and various types of digital and other formats for video recording.  


            It's important that your video doesn't lose quality the more times it's played. Don't use those many decades old VHS home camcorder because the videos lose quality when reproduced and when played over and over. Older tapes that may become damaged with age need to be transferred to newer digital technology formats and devices. You'll be making many copies of your video recordings for distribution to a wide variety of helping professionals. 




            Contact psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, prison wardens, psychiatrists, hospitals, schools for special education, speech pathology centers, rehabilitiation centers, psychodramatists and schools teaching psychodrama, art therapy, or the expressive and recreational therapies, home healthcare nursing departments of hospitals and home care agencies, nursing homes, senior citizens centers, recreational facilities, hospices, fitness centers, weight loss centers, nutrition companies, holisitic health clinics, acupunture schools, allied health care schools, and crises centers to find a therapist you can apprentice to as a video therapy technician.


            You can teach Yoga exercises, accupressure, infant massage, exercises for pregnant women or senior citizens, holistic health, personal growth, preschooler's fitness training, alternative fitness techniques, or playology (the healing power of play) for beginners, seniors, the disabled, children, or any targeted audience. Put the Yoga or accupressure instruction or other mild, stretching exercises on video formats for relaxation or rehabilitation, or for a new approach to eastern exercises. Many good Yoga or Tai Chi Chuan (Chinese slow exercises favored by seniors) are available on various types of video media.


            In the mid-eighties, Dr. Donna Eyde, video educational psychologist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha reported to the media that there was a need for video therapist exercise technicians to work with the elderly in homes, spas, and gerontology centers.


            A decade later, we find acupressure, playology, Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan (Chinese exercise), infant massage, preschool children's exercise, exercises for pregnant women, and slow Oriental exercises for senior citizens on various types of video formats popular and in demand by people seeking alternative ways to physical fitness, personal growth, and relaxation techniques.


            For example, infant massage instruction and exercise videos for pregnant women can be sold in maternity clothes stores. Alternative exercise videos for senior citizens can be sold in stores and community centers older people frequent, and playology videos can be marketed at hospital workshops where patients learn stress release techniques or in classes, that nurses, psychologists, and social workers attend to fulfill continuing education licensing renewal requirements.


            Playology videos focus on discovering the healing power of laughter and play, especially for people suffering from the fear of play. You could make videos using scientific data validating the healing power of play, including problem solving by using the creative process.


            Your videos could help viewers lighten up and learn to play more, laugh to promote health, and have fun wherever they happen to be at the moment in order to relieve stress. Ellie Katz, R.N., Ph.D., coined the word "playology." Highly recommended is her wonderful 10-minute video, "Change Your Mind," on the healing power of laughter and play. Several decades ago, Ellie Katz traveled all over the world giving playology workshops and seminars on cruise ships. Her 10-minute video is on the subject of how to play in your office, home, with groups, and how to stay healthy, do what you are and get better.  The field of playology is waiting for more videos on how to get over the fear of playing and how to use scientific data validating the healing power of play. In addition to play therapy, there is the healing power of oriental exercise on video. 


            If you don't know anything about Yoga or Tai Chi Chuan, then hire an instructor in any of these oriental exercise and relaxation stretching techniques and videotape the instructor giving beginning instructions on a 30 to 60 minute tape, or produce a series of video recordings for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.  


            Find out from the instructor, based on market surveys and the instructor's class numbers which video recordings or live streaming video podcasts are most likely to sell--usually the beginner's or intermediate videos. Variety for beginners is more important in the workouts than advanced studies that would appeal to fewer students.  


            Offer your services to work with the patients or clients in offering fitness or health-related videos for instructional or recreational purposes in the field of health and fitness, recreation, activities training, or creative and expressive arts.


            When you find the centers you want to work for or the therapists you want to apprentice with, ask them what their specific needs are in video or videorecording to teach their clients pro-social behavior, such as self-esteem realities. Then produce the videos to meet their exact requirements to help individual clients or patients. Video therapy is about transformation. 




            Find manusummarized pointurers of exercise equipment and ask them to include your videos prepackaged with their equipment. You can work out a barter deal with them so you can include your advertising on the back of your video package along with their advertising copy. Also ask specialty shops such as maternity or children's stores for permission to put your video display rack in their window or at their checkout counter for impulse buys as people pay for their merchandise.  


            Cooking videos frequently are sold along with new convection ovens. Exercise videos and booklets, or videos on accupressure, Tai Chi Chuan, infant massage, play, exercise for pregnant women or senior citizens, for example, would go well with prepackaged products of exercise or relaxation equipment, mind enhancing devices, exercise or relaxation furniture, sandals, clothing, appliances, and related types of furniture or musical instruments. Some producers put relaxing sounds and sights, like nature and clouds with music on videotape for stress reduction.  


            Approach the maternity hospitals, birthing centers, or nurseries. Offer your video to new mothers leaving the hospital with their babies. Capture a niche market by focusing your tape on a subject like infant exercise and massage, exercises for postpartum women, accupressure, playology, tummy flattening videos, or other health and fitness information on video appealing to a specifically targeted market interested in new possibilities for fitness.  


            Your videos can also come with booklets on the same subject or any type of exercise equipment, holistic health products, food supplements, etc. You could also do demonstrations at holistic health fairs and conventions or rent booths to other videocassette producers at theme conventions. 


            Therapists, hospitals, prisons, and fitness centers use therapeutic video or interactive video to observe people interacting and to record their behavior for study, research, and therapy. You want to reach all helping professionals, such as the following: 


            a. interpreters for the deaf who want you to put their sign-language expert on videotape to explain their instructional recordings.    

             b. prison psychologists, who may want you to make a videotape about pro-social behavior and self worth training for the prison population.

             c. speech pathologists who may want you to make videos to train stroke victims to look into mirrors to see their opposite hand and try to move it.

            d. acupuncturists, acupressurists, and holistic health practioners or alternative fitness experts who may ask you to make instructional videos for specific audiences.

            e. cruise ships, airlines, hospitals, and nursing homes--who may wish to show your uplifting videos on how to improve the quality of life. 

            You can specialize in creating videos for children. Target preschools, children's centers, hospitals, and schools of education where preschool teachers are trained. A hot specialty is creating exercise, fitness, and eating-the-right foods videos for preschoolers and children in daycare, nursery schools, after-school care, and at children's hospitals. Create a children's or preschooler's gym on video by targeting corporate daycare centers and gyms. 




            Recreational video exercise therapist, instructional media technologist, cable television programmer, playologist, cruise seminar and event planner, and holistic health practitioner videographer.  

            Your exercises could focus on preschoolers or infants, appealing to parent gym classes where they take their infants for a family together workout. Provide video recordings so the whole family from babies to seniors can exercise together and get fit. 




            American Kinesiotherapy Association (exercise therapists)

            American Association for Rehabilitative Therapy, Inc.

            National Association of the Deaf

            National Therapeutic Recreation Society

            National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification

            American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA)

            American Yoga Association


Book by Anne Hart: How to Make Money Teaching Online With Your Camcorder and PC: 25 Practical and Creative How-To Start-Ups To Teach Online. Paperback published March 12, 2002.


376 Online Home-based Businesses to Teach For Online With Your Camcorder and Personal Computer Linked 


1. Video therapist technician

2. Video Infomercial production

3. Video inventory checker

4. Video Demo tape production

5. Video international reunion service and satellite videoconferencing/video courier

6. Video public relations service

7. Employee screening service video

8. Video software talent management

9. Video dating service

10. Muckraking and underground (censored news) videos

(Cover the news that didn't make the news, exposing corporate, institutional, or government corruption through your investigative video reporting.)

11. Videotape game or video storyteller

12. Instructional videos and How To Have a Good Life Video: teach sewing, costume design, painting, cooking, remodeling, makeup, self-esteem enhancement, etc. (Produce any how-to instructional or training video on whatever you know how to do really well.)

13. Video close captioning for the deaf. Or video hand sign language interpretation for the deaf.

14. Video UFO research/interviews/abductees/sightings recorded.

15. Public histories on video production.

16. Videobiographies

17. Family identification service

18. Instructional and training videos

19. Surgery and operations on video

20. Childbirth on video

21. Deathbed, last images, and last will and testament on video

22. Weddings, parties, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, confirmations, and life events on video

23. Conventions and public speakers on video and/or audio

24. Trade shows, exhibits, and new technology events

25. Direct mail marketing and sales by video

26. Private Investigator search techniques on video: how to check up on anybody.

27. Software video instruction on video (video manuals).

28. Corporate histories and annual marketing or financial reports.

29. Editing other people's videos

30. Financial planning on video

31. Basic skills instruction on video

32. Foreign languages on video or English as a second language

33. Video advertisements

34. Videos on ethics

35. Corporate training on video

36. Healthcare professionals training recordings

37. Personality assessment questionnaire videos

38. Preschool physical exercise and fitness on video

39. Nutrition videos

40. Senior citizens networking and courses on video

41. Courses for homebased students on video

42. Videos for particular disabilities

43. Workability videos for persons entering the workforce

44. Multimedia videos using computers and video cameras

45. Games on video, including animation

46. Hospital videos for patient viewing

47. Cultural diversity videos for businesses or schools.

48. Videos for wild animal viewing (primates in sanctuaries, labs, zoos, and research centers)

49. Legal depositions on video

50. Forensic, (forensic medical videos) and crime lab photography videos for evidence technology (including accident scene diagrams, chronology of events, photos, scale models, charts,graphs, maps, accident scene diagrams, and technical illustration videos).

51. Security and surveillance/mobile surveillance

52. Pet videos or pet training for pet owners

53. Accident reconstruction videos for insurance firms

54. Home healthcare videos and home response recoding

55. Corporate animation videos

56 Art show videos

57. Resumes and Non-resume Job Portfolios on video

58. Real estate sales videos, commercial or residential

59. Appraisal videos, property or real estate

60. Cartography videos (maps) on video (cross-country or international driving routes and sights videos).

61. Travel videos

62. Visual anthropology recordings, preservation on video of tribal and ethnic cultures around the world, or esoteric languages and customs on tape. Videos on secret, rare religious rites.

63. Cooking for kids videos, video cookbooks. Vegetarian videos.

64. Religious videos of customs and rituals preserved or church sermons, religious services on tape for homebound viewers. View a variety of religions at home. Conventional or other religions.

65. Videopals: Pen pal videos, for people who can't be there in person to chat and exchange conversation or souvenirs.

66. Prisoner-to-family correspondence on video. Also videos for the institutionalized person.

67. Virtual reality video simulation: How your home will look after it's remodeled. Or create medical or architectural models on video using virtual reality technology on video.


69. Computer-assisted reporting videos.

70. Videos for foster parents, child daycare workers.

71. Video dating and marriage brokerage service

72. Video business partner matching

73. Family photos on video, genealogy videos, and family histories: videobiographies and autobiographies on tape.

74. Poetry reading on videos.

75. Greeting cards and love letters on video.

76. Close captioning and hand signing for the deaf

77. Distance teaching video and/or audio recordings

78. Bellydancing videos

79. Psychic predictions videos: one each month or quarterly

80. Futurist trend forecasting on video

81. Video magazine for teenagers.

88. Music videos: auditioning new composers and musicians

89. Video software talent agent

90. Mediums and channelers on video

91. University courses by video

92. Writing or art instruction videos

93. Matching services: students with scholarships or schools.

94. Baby sitters and nanny services or household managers screening videos. Choose your nanny from the monthly video of applicants.

95. Toy store video products

96. Children's interests videos

97. Air checker (record television advertisements for ad agencies and product manusummarized pointurers who advertise on T.V.)

98. Newspaper clipping service on video and T.V. news video clipping. Produce video news releases (VNRs).

99. Video market research and audience tracking

100. Book publicist video service (Interview writers on video for their book publicists and create video book tours).

101. Talk show video library: (Record television talk show interviews for clients appearing on the show and their public relations agencies.)

102. Documentaries

103. Compilations of previously existing material

104. Personalities and Trailers for film and video producers

105. Exercise

106. How-to

107. Children and animation videos

108. Music

109. Book-based videos

110. Romance novels on video

111. Video distribution by mail

112. Video agent

113. Video foster grandparents

114. Video packager, including corporate animation

115. Licensed toy character and celebrity videos

116. Sports videos

117. Video bartending

118. Foreign TV videos

119. Video budget planner

120. Financial, stocks videos

121. Children's videos

122. History on video

123. Children's picture books on videotape.

124. Video questionnaires: Personality, psychological, and aptitude questionnaire videos.

125. Scholastic testing on video of basic or advanced skills and/or oral interview and oral exam testing.

126. Video classified advertisments/ad agency

127. Play production videos, including church and local theatrical play recording and recording pays for playwrights, students, and actors.

128. Publisher's video library

129. Video shopping coupon book

130. corporate animation and children's animation, appealing to the newest toy store video trade...animated dolls and toys.

131. Script supervisor

132. Story editor/ reader for home video scripts/plays.

133. Dramaturg (Literary Manager) with analysis on video

134. Video/Literary Agent

135. Videotherapist or Video therapist technician

136. Electronic Editor

137. Desktop Video Programner

138. Desktop Video Producer

139. Video Magazine or Newsletter


140. UFO Investigator. Collect UFO video clips and transfer to tape, or make UFO or abductee witness/speakout videos.

141. Seminar Planner

142. Event Planner

143. Videoconferencing Designer

144. Convention Recorder

145. Publicist

146. National Organization

Startup Planner

147. Documentation Analyst

148. Electronic Translater

149. Visual Anthropology


150. Video Indexer

151. Freelance video editor

152. Public Speaker

153. Electronic Farm Newsletter


154. Technical Video Editor/Writer Freelance

155. Video script proofreader

156. Children's video book

consultant/buyer or media buyer

157. Collaborator

158. Educational video producer/Mobile Editor

159. Video and Audio Cassette Tape Agent or Software/Video Talent Manager

160. New Age Video Producer/self-enhancement

161. Artist's Event Videographer

162. Art Show Promotor/Art Video producer

163. Cruise-Line Videography Teacher

164. Instructional Video Producer/Technical Editor

165. Trainer

166. Instructional technologist

167. Executive health promotion video producer or speaker

168. Forensic Photographer

169. Photojournalist

170. Distance Teacher

171. Crafts Video

Scriptwriter/Producer (How-To)

172. Autobiography Videographer

173. Animator, corporate ad, or children's programming

174. Preschool exercise video producer/instructor/consultant

175. Videobiographer specializing in life story videos for older adults or corporate histories.

176. Oral historian. Videotape holocaust survivors and survivors of various disasters and wars for specialty museum libraries.

177. Video script supervisor

178. Video Greeting Card designer

179. Graphic Novel Writer (video comic books for grownups)

180. Ethnic customs and costumes or world foods Video Consultant

181. Video Food Stylist

182. Video Software designer for writers, artists, special effects

183. Interactive Multimedia Producer, Designer, or Writer for Video and computer video games

184. Video romance novels on tape: producer/writer

185. Videos for deaf, close captioned or signing

186. Adult Education Teacher of video production or video writing

187. Agent's Reader/Screener/Video producer's representative

188. Video and Book Tour Promoter

189. Travel video producer: specialty travel: for students, the disabled, seniors, teens, etc.

190. International Video Scriptwriter's Agent and Video Agent or Video Distributor International Producer's and Publisher's Representative

191. Teen video magazine or specialty news video magazine

192. Information Broker/Competitive Intelligence Researcher to the video industry

193. Software or Video Locator

194. Special effects designer or video titles creator

195. Storefront Video and Video Writer's School Director

196. Correspondence School Instructor

197. Hospital video therapist

198. Video Playwright for Children's Theatre and Schools of Performing Arts

199. Comedy Writer or standup comic video producer, suppliers of video comedy for institutionalized and hospitalized patients or prisoners.

200. Comedy Trainer/ comedy and humor training videos: train the trainer videos.

201. Story Structure Analyst (to screenwriters/novelists)

202. Writer's Office Designer

203. Kitchen Designer and Cookbook Writer

204. Video columnist: Newspaper/Trade Journal/Specialty Newsletter

205. Video colorist

206. Personnel screener/interview in screening videos for employers.

207. Infomercial Producer/Designer/Writer

208. Autobiographer

209. Electronic (video) Advertising Copywriter

210. Cable Television Media Buyer

211. Market Researcher/Audience Analyst/for consumers of video.

212. Telecommuting Planner (for Government and Corporations) (You set up corporate and government employees to work at home with video cameras and computers linked to the government or corporate central computer

213. Videotext editor

214. Air-Checker (record commercials at home on your TV and/or radio for ad agencies)

215. Visual Anthropological data analyst/visual anthropology video library owner or maintain database clearinghouse on visual anthropology videos, video grants, and participants.

216. Medical video producer physician's television or radio network or health care scriptwriter

217. Personality Assessment Coordinator/Sales Representative and Video Producer

218. Psychological Type and Temperament Video Producer

219. Gambling How-To, game playing: how to beat the odds of gambling, card-playing and other games of chance videos.

220. Self-defense videos.

221. Modern or fad dances, skating, skateboarding, surfing videos

222. Stocks and bonds: investments

223. Psychic predictions for the year or month videos

224. Job search videos

225. Computer aided design video producer

226. Video accident reconstructionist/forensic videographer

227. Time management video producer

228. Political campaign management video producer/publicist

229. Customer support video producer/writer

230. Nurses' training video producer

231. Direct mail video copywriter

232 Exhibit and trade show event video creative director

233. Domestic violence prevention video producer/trainer

234. Video earth satellite technician

235. Video fashion show producer/including music videos.

236. Media Buyer/Audience Research

237. Market Research Video Analyst and Planner

238. Telecommuting planner for government and Corporations (You set up corporate and government employees to work at home with video cameras and personal computers linked to videoconferencing with the government, school or corporate central computers and video players/cameras.)

239. Videotext editor.

240. Air-Checker (record commercials or monitor news)

241. Visual/Video Anthropologist/producer

242. Medical Videographer

243. Physician's video/radio network producer/writer or distributor

244. Personality assessment video coordinator/personality training videos.

245. Trade show display event planner/videographer/publicist/direct mail video copywriter

246. Animation designer or writer/producer or packager and distributor of animation

247. Video and Electronic Greeting Card Designer or salesperson

248. Video apartments producer/Real Estate Advertising Copywriter/videographer

249. Video Software Reviewer/

250. Restaurant/Entertainment video trailer producer or Reviewer 251. Camcorder Buyer's Guide Writer

252. Music video producer/Lyric Song Writer's Agent/Lyric song writer/videos and portfolio videos for auditions of other song writers composing on video or Midi synthesizer video musical television producer.

253. Wedding and family videobiographies

254. Amateur producer's video sales and rental store owner/video sharing and public domain video sales and rentals. (Including mail order amateur and public domain video sales or rentals.)

255. Video mail order catalog producer/Publisher

256. Wholesale video security dealer/for video management of stores, malls, schools, offices, and homes.

257. Video producer's Retreat Owner/Renter

258. How to repair-video producer, director, packager, distributor, or writer: fish out assignments to other

video producers/writers/repair technicians.

259. Medical or legal transcription dictated on video instead of audio cassette. (See the dictationist while you transcribe the tape or use videoconferencing or videophones.)

260. Computer-generated video special effects and title designer for home videos.

261. Video tape editing service owner.

262. Cultural diversity videos producer

263. Direct mail video and infomercial producer/ Mail Marketing Videos and script writing/copywriting

264. Novelty videos/humor/video gag writer/

265. Gift videos/self-enhancement wholesaler

266. Video Patent Searchers

267. Create videos that develop one's tolerance for ambiguity

268. Import/Export video and interactive multimedia book buyer

269. Speciality video dating service/introduction or matching service for business partners, social dating, or matching compatible people for venture capital raising and business establishment.)

270. Pet matchmaking videos for mating certain lines of dogs, cats, horses, birds, foul, fish, game animals, rare zoo animals, endangered species animals, or a variety of species for land or sea animal theme parks. Or match farm animals for breeding by their DNA lines.

271. Video producer's and writer's independent or freelance Job Information video clearinghouse

272. 900 Video information Telephone Line

273. Testing Service/interactive video response testing

274. Video Production Grants Writer/Government and Technical Contract Bids or Educational video production.

275. Videos for matching students with Scholarships, fellowships, grants and residencies: video locator service

276. Land or financial video locating

277. Video Scriptwriter

278. Interactive Multimedia Scriptwriter or producer

279. Carpet sculpture videos--insert woven logo design into carpet for corporate client and design motto and logo.)

280. Virtual reality entertainment, amusement park, or game video producer

281. Video fund raiser

282. Trade show demonstration exhibit designer/producer

283. Video career/employment counselor/consultant

284. Video production business plan writer for new video businesses applying for financing

285. Video grants proposal writer

286. Toy video producer

287. Gag video producer/writer

288. Idea Generator/Motivator/Inspirational Speaker/Writer video producer

289. Military video producer.

290. Religious producer: sermons on video for homebased religious services or events

291. Ethnic Cookbook videos

292. Playology videos

293. Animal care videos.

294. Travel videographer

295. Women's studies video producer

296. Video advertising researcher

297. Media buyer

298. Cooking videos or catering instruction

299. Booklet, workbook, and pamphlet publisher to accompany videos.

300. Teen magazine or music video producer

301. Gift videos for special holidays and occasions.

302. Video comparison shopping research

303. Niche video distributor

304. Film festival videos/ video monitor reporter/representataive 305. UNDERWATER CAVE ARCHAEOLOGY VIDEOS: FOSSIL HUNTING ON TAPE

306. Professional video finder

307. Selling videos and video-related information from around the world in many languages.

308. Motivational/New Age video and pamphlet production

309. Freelance video advertising copywriter

310. Restaurant review videos

311. Book and software review videos

312. Paid volunteer video trainer

313. Nursing continuing education videos.

314. Mobile nursery school exercise program video designer

315. Poet resident in the city schools with videos.

316. Art as virtual reality on video

317. Video direct mail marketing copywriter

318. Promotional video producer

319. Hypnosis videos, or past life regressions and future life progressions recordings

320. Adult survivor of child abuse therapy videos.

321. Industrial training videos.

322. Corporate training on personality differences in the workplace video productions.

323. American Sign Language Videos for the deaf or to train the hearing to work with deaf employees.

324. Video press and media kit designer

325. Videos to engage latchkey kids in learning as fun activities

326. Science for children or adults

327. UFO sightings videos or interviews with contactees/abductees stories on video

328. True confessions on video

329. Video shopping direct mail marketing

330. Video sights and sounds to quiet crying infants

331. Children's bedtime calming stories and music on video

332. Videos for store and exhibit hall product demonstrations

333. Hard to find courses on video.

334. Interior decorating on video, or home remodeling techniques

335. Art instruction videos

336. Wholesaling by video or videoconference

337. Seminar promotion videos

338. Distance teaching

339. Homebirth instruction, preparation and supplies, including LaMaze or similar type birthing instruction and exercises

340. Infant care for new parents or babysitters

341. Nanny training videos

342. First aid and/or home remedies videos

344. Women's opportunity week videos for networking

345. Penpals on video

346. I.Q. Testing

347. Puzzles, riddles, and word games on video.

348. Math quizzes on video

349. Critical thinking videos.

350. Quizzes and aptitude tests on video.

351. Personality testing

352. Metaphysical videos

342. Media Interface Liaison

343. Procedure writer for video producers

344. Instructional technology producer/writer

345. Post Production video editor

346. Virtual reality producer

347. Interactive multimedia videographer

348. Technical video producer/writer

349. Videotape production coordinator

350. Video Informationist

351. Software video interface producer/writer

352. Computer software instruction video producer

353. Micrographics designer

354. Video market trend forecaster

355. Mentoring videos for trainees:Retirees mentoring recent graduates

356. Videopals: penpals via video: children and older people

357. Beautiful images videos: scenes to lower your blood pressure

358. How women express anger and its effect on their health.

359. Aerospace videos

360. Architectural videos.

361. Art performance videos.

362. Assistive technology videos.

363. Automotive and mechanical videos.

364. Biotechnical and biomedicine videos.

365. Business mentorship videos.

366. Computer graphics instruction videos.

367. Conference sponsorship videoconferencing or video.

368. Design prototyping videos.

369. Design visualization or hypnotherapy with design visuals.

370. Educational videos.

371. Entertainment and standup comics.

372. Ice skating or dance on ice videos or instruction.

373. Health and safety or occupational safety videos.

374. Ergonomics and office furniture for health videos.

375. Human summarized pointers videos.

376. Managing anger videos/dealing with anger/research. 


Each person knows what he or she would rather organize—people, data, or objects. One is energizing. The rest drain you. Extreme telecommuting means filling a need in a community well by working online as if you’re running a Park Avenue business from anywhere—at home or in transit on a neighborhood budget. Your first step is to pick what feels most comfortable for you: organizing people, data, or objects. 

            First you list people’s habits, such as eating and reading at the same time. Then you provide something to read about your business while they eat, or those little mini romance novels you write. Then watch people’s habits as they travel.         

          Imagine what can you leave guests to read in hotel rooms about what you do or what you create? Then think about what people in hotel rooms look at: TV programs, perhaps radio talk shows, or movies when not out and about in a new place?


          Look at other habits people have. Serve them in what they do while they do something else, like eating or traveling alone and reading. If kids like bedtime stories or games create something they can do in that situation. If parents need something kids can do sitting in the back of the car during a long vacation trip, fill that need and offer it online.