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Publishing in a variety of 'studies' fields?

Book and photo by Anne Hart.


Apply these strategies:


·       How to Publish in Women’s Studies, Policy Analysis, & Family Issues. 

·       How to Earn a Practical Living Applying Women’s Studies & Family Research to Business Writing or Corporate Communications Training. 


·       Organizing, Designing, & Publishing Life Stories, Issues in the News, Current Events, and History Videos, Board/Computer Games, Scripts, Plays, and Books.

How do you start your own Women’s Studies policy analysis writing and communications business?


How do you earn income using practical applications of Publishing/Producing, Women’s Studies, Current Events, or Family History Issues Research and Writing in the corporate world? How do you train executives to better organize writing and interpersonal communications skills? What specific projects would you use to organize communications, publish your research, or train others?


Use these vital platforms of social history to start 25 business and creative writing or publishing enterprises. Apply practical communications. Organize and improve communication and publishing projects in the corporate world or academia.


Open 25 different types of writing, publishing, or production businesses. Train executives and entrepreneurs in how women’s studies, family history, and current issues in the news relate to business writing, creative concepts, producing multimedia, and training others in interpersonal communications or policy analysis