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How to write and produce 28 1/2 minute infomercials

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Photos and books by Anne Hart.


You may wish to listen to my audio lecture on some techniques regarding how to write scripts for infomercials: https://archive.org/details/HowToWriteAndProduceInfomercialsOnline


This lecture is about instruction on how to write and produce 28 1/2 minute infomercials by this retired book author of 87 paperback books. Books and several educational how-to videos for persons interested in creative writing instruction, genealogy/creative genealogy writing, and personal history careers.


It's easy to start, teach, and franchise a creative genealogy writing club, class, or publication. Flesh out each category with your additional research and resources.

Start by looking at the descriptions of each business and outline a plan for how your group operates. Flesh out each category with your additional research pertaining to your local area and your resources. Your goal always is to solve problems and get measurable results or find accurate records and resources. Or research personal history and DNA-driven genealogy interpretation reporting.

You can make keepsake albums/scrapbooks, put video online or on disc, and create multimedia text and image with sound productions or work with researching records in archives, oral history, or living legacies and time capsules. A living legacy is a celebration of life as it is now.

A time capsule contains projects and products, items, records, and research you want given to future generations such as genograms of medical record family history, family newsletters, or genealogy documents, diaries, photos, and video transcribed as text or oral history for future generations without current technology to play the video discs.

Or start and plan a family and/or school reunion project or franchise, business or event. Another alternative is the genealogy-related play or skit, life story, or memoir.

You also may wish to see my paperback book 101+ Practical Ways to Raise Funds, A Step-by-Step Guide with Answers. By Anne Hart. Published in December 2007. See: http://bookstore.iuniverse.com/Products/SKU-000057962/101-Practical-Ways-to-Raise-Funds.aspx. The book title also is listed at the book on the Amazon.com website at: 101+ Practical Ways to Raise Funds: A Step-by-Step Guide with Answers.


If you're into creative writing, you also can raise funds and/or promote your favorite cause. Develop original creativity enhancement products such as writing vocational biographies. Solve problems and publish measurable results. Design practical media projects that easily can be turned into home-based businesses or one-time projects.


Homeschoolers, parents, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, and workers interested in opening powerful, affordable-budget, trend-ready home-based publishing, writing, or video podcasting and video news release-production businesses and creative writing fundraising events will enjoy these unique applications to help you create your own board games, projects, businesses, publications, and events.


Sample business start-ups (or one-time project) categories include the following categories: description of business, income potential, best locale to operate the business, training required, general aptitude or experience, equipment needed, operating your business, target market, related opportunities, and additional information for resources.


Develop practical projects using the skills of video production, creative writing, book and pamphlet publishing, or newsletter design. These skills include adapting stories, novels, news events, or scripts and skits to numerous platforms, formats, and media types.

Inform others how to avoid pitfalls and blind spots that can derail careers early in the game. The campaigns are ideal for most promotional, business, or training situations.