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How to start or explore a part-time numerology project or business

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Numerology Video or Audio Podcasts and Games for Entertainment


            Numerologists interpret the numbers that determine life cycles and believe success is attracted to certain combinations of numbers. When you produce a numerology instructional video podcast, give clients readings by video podcast. Make sure that only the client can access the podcast on a Web site and download the reading. The podcast would only remain posted until the client has saved it.


            As a numerologist, you give clients a reading based on how the client’s first, middle, and last names influence their chances of success in finance, employment, marriage, or overall happiness. For entertainment purposes only, readings by numerologists, astrologists, or other practitioners work well with personal video podcasts that can be saved on iPods, mobile players, or in computers. The videos can be saved to DVDs or CDs using compression software.


            Numerologists believe that you can change the way people react to you by changing your name, thereby influencing your chances for success.




            You’ll need your video podcasting software, a personal computer, video camcorder or digital video Web camera, DVD and CD recording drives, and disks. The estimated costs are about $1,000 worth of computer equipment and about $1,000-$3,000 for an industrial quality camcorder. Of course, you can use your digital high 8 camcorder, but the broadcast quality for professional-quality DVDs would be better with an industrial broadcast quality camcorder. For entertainment purposes, any digital video Web camera or amateur home video camcorder will record a reading.


            Numerology software will be helpful. There is plenty of free numerology software on the Web for you to download. Some Web sites include: Decoz®Numerology - Free Numerology Software - Free Numerology Readings at: http://www.decoz.com/ and Numerology Software to purchase called Professional Numerologist at: http://www.wideninghorizons.com/. There is a free evaluation copy of numerology software to test before you buy. It’s on the Web site at: http://www.wideninghorizons.com/download.shtml. A free Numerology Analysis Tool software is at: http://www.aboriginemundi.com/numerology.html.  Search under “Numerology Software” as key words in your search engine online and find all types of numerology software, either free ware, evaluation copies, or software to purchase.




            To give a numerological reading, begin by obtaining the first, middle, and last name of your client and your client’s birthdate. In most interpretations of numerology each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number. These numbers are attributed with descriptions of personality. The numbers correspond to the following designations of the alphabet.

A   B   C   D  E   F  G   H   I   J   K  L  M  N  O   P  Q  R   S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

1   2    3   4    5   6   7    8   9  1   2   3   4   5   6    7   8   9  1   2   3   4   5    6   7  8

Number            1) leadership

                        2) artistic ability

                        3) humor

                        4) logical thinking

                        5) communications ability

                        6) domesticity

                        7) analytical and intellectual skills

                        8) business ethicality

                        9) entertainment


            Some systems of numerology attribute personality quality to numbers. Number 9 in some systems is negative. By changing your name you avoid the repelling quality of your number.


In order to forecast with a numerological reading, you must add up the day, month, and year of a person’s birth date and then add that figure to the sum arrived at from adding the letters of the first, middle, and last name. Then you take that sum and add the figures until you arrive at a number of 9 or less. For example, if you arrive at the number 22, each figure must be added until you get 4. The number 10 is 1 plus 0 or 1.


            A person’s reading consists of reducing all the numbers to between 1 and 9. One example is your client with the name “Anne Joan.” These names are represented by the numbers 1555 and 1615. Add the numbers in the first name and the sum is 16. Add the two figures, and the sum is 7.


            The next name adds up to 13. Then, 1 plus 3 equals 4. Take the 7 and 4 and add them to get 11. Add the 1 plus 1, and get a 2. Now take the number 2 and add it to the sum of the person’s birth date. For example, if the person was born on November 18, 1941, it would be done this way: 1941 plus 11 plus 18. The sum total is 1970. Add each figure and get 17. Add these two figures to get one figure.


            You end up with 8. Now add the number 2 from the name to 8 and get 10.

Since one plus 0 is 1, your client is a number 1. In numerology number 1 means strong leadership ability. You could then advise your client to study for careers in which the leadership qualities would be used.


            In addition to names, numerologists predict success is attracted to certain combinations of numbers in street addresses, telephone numbers, and other number sequences found in the life cycle that are believed to be predestined. Some numerologists predict stock market swings by observing recurring number cycles and ten-year patterns. Full instruction can be obtained by studying several good books on numerology and the instructions accompanying numerology software.


 When you have learned the techniques, it’s time to practice making private video podcasts of numerology readings for your clients. Your video podcasts also can be used to offer instruction and courses in numerology or related fields. In addition to numerology there are other noetic areas to explore such as astrology or other types of readings.


Video podcasts work well when giving instruction in how to do numerology as most readings for clients are private and more suitable for saving on a CD or DVD. You wouldn’t post private readings for clients on public Web sites, but you might put up a video for a client to download from a private site or send the client a CD or DVD with the video reading. The video podcast also may be produced in interview format.




            Convention attendees, party entertainment planners, public access TV panels, creative salons, interviewers, radio talk show hosts, community centers, senior centers, astrology and numerology clubs, and subscribers to numerology and/or astrology publications, students of numerology courses or subscribers related new-age, intuitive, and mind-body-spirit publications are all potential audiences. You can also write for niche newspapers and magazines, or attend new age fairs.


            Other people in the mind-body-spirit arena include spiritualists, ministers of new age-related churches, mystic and noetic science course instructors, members of parapsychology clubs, and groups or publications interested in forecasting and insight may be interested. Even some nightclub acts may feature numerologists and mentalists.




            For entertainment purposes, most numerologists on radio talk show are not paid. To give individual readings, a top-notch numerologist who is asked to speak on numerous radio or TV shows can ask for approximately $200 to answer a question or give a reading. Your purpose would be to help people figuratively balance.


Lesser known numerologists can ask anywhere from $15 to $25 or even $50 for a numerology reading. The more time you spend analyzing a client’s numbers, the more you can ask. Readings also can be done online, by phone, or through video or audio podcasts. In video podcasting, the client can actually see how the numbers are grouped and interpreted if you have charts, Power point slide shows, or excellent quality video close-ups showing how you work with the numbers. How can podcasts work for you?


Don’t forget other new age and health-related video podcast markets for exercises and workouts or touch and healing arts such as tai chi, qi gong, Reiki, and Yoga instruction and discussion. Research what ‘Lightworkers’ actually do. Can they be featured on video podcasts?


Combine numerology with other venues. Also check out the Web site for the Awakening Center at: http://www.theawakeningcenter.com/. Their site states, “OFALFO.org - a project of The Awakening Center, reaching out on the web and in the community, in Audio/Video/Text chats, community portal site and distance learning with a group of volunteers who give of their time and heart to assist others to find their ‘center.’ Continuing to grow and CO-create the essences for communicating in more vibrant methods to assist in reaching as many as we can.”