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Creative people can solve problems, get measurable results, and make the world a kinder place


Photo and book by Anne Hart. You may wish to check out my paperback book, 30+ Brain-Exercising Creativity Coach Businesses to Open: How to Use Writing, Music, Drama & Art Therapy Techniques for Healing. Published December 25, 2006.


Creative people can solve real problems such as finding materials to use to build houses for the homeless or write instructional manuals that are easier to follow, see, and clearer to understand. Just collect discards solve real problems with those materials that would usually be thrown out as useless.


Creative people see use in a lot of  useless items and build, design, or craft items from these objects or find other new uses for them that are safe and practical. This is one way to make a difference while thinking about the cost of living.


Just as happy people make the world better, people have said for eons, a better world helps more people to make a difference through solving problems. And if you want to find out where anything goes, follow the money.


Who's making money from whatever resource is disappearing from use by most people? It's all about solving real problems just as much as it's all about love, compassion, empathy, sharing, caring, and repairing.


Solve the problem. Get measurable results --solutions, and make step-by-step instruction or techniques and strategies clearer to follow by those who solve the problems that get the measurable results.