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Are middle-class jobs closed to nondrivers by choice, energy, or advanced age?

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$1.60 in 1968 is equivalent to $10.74 today. you may wish to check out the article,  40% Of US Workers Now Earn Less Than 1968 Minimum Wage. Or you may want to read the article, Rise Of The Droids: Will Robots Eventually Steal all of Our Jobs? Or see, Practically human: Can smart machines do your job?


Reminiscing on my personal experience, in 1973, my full-time job earned me $1.65 an hour on a weekly newspaper writing a weekly column and also selling display ads. The choice was between commission only or $1.65 an hour. I took the guaranteed $1.65 an hour so I could pay my then monthly apartment rent of $158 a month.


The thought of not being paid commission when the rent date rolled around was too frightening. As a nondriver using public transportation my job was to visit all the restaurants and any other popular businesses using display ads that I could by walking or riding the bus, paying my own fare, and to try to sell these establishments display ads to promote their businesses.


Then I'd return to the newspaper office and write up my columns mentioning the delicious foods served at those restaurants in my "gourmet trotter" column.-time job in 1973. I can't understand why it was so difficult to find a middle-class job with a B.S. in English Education and a few years later, an M.A. in English/writing emphasis when I was younger in those days....The only answer is that more teachers were trained in the humanities than there were jobs for them to fill, good jobs with tenure.


I wrote a contemporary era script first, then a radio or stage play, then expanded it into a contemporary novel with more information, then changed the original play into a novel set in 150 BCE with new characters, settings, and location, as well as ages of the characters. I also wrote another script and then expanded it into a 420 page contemporary adventure/action/suspense novel with a humorous twist.


These are all published in paperback. It was a lot of fun. No, I didn't make more than a two-figure income from any of this...for example, $2 royalty on one or two novels sold, but it was...real fun writing all these stories...the highlight of my life now that I'm quickly moving towards the age when the rest of our silent generation born just before World War II is traveling in time, and still enjoying the optimism of looking at great art, science, and volumes of visions.