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Are you thinking of opening up a co-working space?


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Are you thinking of opening up a co-working space? For those thinking of starting a business, here's one idea: Open a co-working space. You would operate the business from an urban industrial space in midtown of your city. The building you lease or buy (if you have that much money) would have enough urban-industrial space where a variety of entrepreneurs, creative types, technical computer people and similar renters would connect, collaborate, create, and enjoy themselves in various forms of innovate work or playtime to inspire more creativity. Check out the recent (February 21, 2015) Sacramento Bee article, "Co-work spaces alter landscape for entrepreneurs."

Your business would be to provide a work space for these various types of entrepreneurs or creative types/inventors/technical people/public relations people, and more. The work space you provide for your clients/renters would have access to a 3D printer that you'd furnish that work space with, maybe a snack place, coffee or tea area, and maybe even a wellness program if you're into health or have relatives into fitness or wellness areas. Your clients would have 24-hour access to the building or warehouse.

The main idea is to provide 24-hour access to technical and creative types and charge each person anywhere from a hundred to two hundred dollars a month rent to use the space. They'd bring their own computers and phones.

The space would be an owner-occupied professional workplace, like an old building, maybe a building that used to be a former post office, bank, or other similar structure. You'd renovate the interior so that it has workspace and maybe an art gallery or fitness area, maybe a snack and beverage area for tea, coffee, or similar beverages, for example. You'd charge monthly memberships perhaps from a hundred twenty five to a hundred eight dollars a month for weekday access or charge for seven-day, 24 hour access an amount at two hundred dollars a month or less.

It's up to what the market will carry. These ideas are known as co-working spaces. You might rent space to bookkeepers or technical computer interest people, creative or inventive entrepreneurs who would come there to brainstorm ideas and applications with other people in small business. This idea of co-working is a recent form of working, perhaps showing what the office of the present is going to be like when entrepreneurs and inventors, creative types, technical people and similar individuals.