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Song lyrics, "Pocket Protector," by Anne Hart

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Interestingly, there's almost a short story in every paragraph of the lyrics/poem "Pocket Protector"


My humorous song lyrics also are on YouTube.


Copyright 1987 by Anne Hart


(Lyrics to my original song)


Looking for a Pocket Protector

Someone had better take care of me, fast,
In a relationship that's destined to last.
I need protection and direction,
A bodyguard with affection.

I'm looking for a pocket protector,
With the brains of a rocket inspector.
Marry me, carry me. Pay all my bills.
Buy me a house in Beverly Hills.

I'm a bored-to tears down-heeled contessa
In search of a sensitive professor,
A rich girl with no money
Seeks someone who's funny.

That's why I need a protector,
A bachelorhood defector
Not a critical corrector
To take care of my fare if you dare.




She'll be a bored-to-tears down-heeled housewife,
With a bored-to-tears round-heeled smile.
'Cause she's too smart to earn,
And she's too trained to learn.
So she kicks up her heels to be free.

Free as bird...pal on a swing.
Looking for you to bring her a ring.
Marry her past.
And make her laugh.

'Cause she's a rich girl with no money
Looking for a generous honey.
A she wolf in search of a den,
An artist with digital pen.

Drawing you in her direction.
Seeking a marriage of perfection.
If you're kind, take care of her, fast.
She's a mind-mate destined to last.