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We're all in both cultural and biological containers based on familiarity and ambiance



There are biological and also cultural containers that evoke fond memories of music, food, and well...colorful table settings. When testing DNA, what is missing is the cultural part of familiarity. For example, the people closest to me for the first 21 years of my life were Sicilian/Naples families where I lived and ate during the days. My 3 best gal pals in elementary and middle schools were Italian or Greek, and what I liked most about them were how their parents welcomed me (and offered food). During college years, the Greek families.


After 21, the families surrounding me were Middle Eastern (Lebanese/Syrian), after 33, English/American/Early New England settlers for the next 40 years+...and other nationalities, Armenians, Greeks, Italians, English, a close Irish female friend in my 40s, and so on. Each ethnicity contributed culture, food, music, and environment, sometimes the language and ambiance. The big question is how to integrate the cultural admixtures with the ancient DNA, the relatives with the red hair and freckles who lived around 1854+ who looked more Scottish than Georgian, and the many Greeks....(yet the DNA says 8% Anatolia, which is another name for Turkey) and so on.


There's the biological DNA, but also the cultural. And I follow those cultures that welcomed me the most with smiles, uplifting music, and invitations to join them for healthy foods. Sometimes it was about how green the lettuce and spinach or kale looked in the salad. I always had that feeling that the DNA of the entire world is in everyone in varying amounts.