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Writing what people buy


Anne Hart, paperback book: Writing what people buy.



Paperback book by Anne Hart: 101+ Practical Ways to Raise Funds: A Step-by-Step Guide with Answers.


Writing what people buy


WHEN YOU CAN’T THINK OF WHAT TO WRITE, PICK A PROVERB, and keep your story plot simple so that the characters can drive the plot forward by their choices, environment, and events. Characters that draw in readers are those that emphasize commitment, universal values, and simple solutions to using clues to solve problems in ways that readers can follow, where the results often can be measurable. Solutions to problems, like comedy punch lines and memorable sounds, often come in groups of threes.


Make it simple

Include the steps and details. That’s the way to write a salable piece. If

you have ever thought that you don’t know about what to write, here

are hundreds of subjects and projects to write. Whether you’re a writer

looking for an idea or subject that will be salable and marketable, or a

student in search of creating your own internship, externship, or job

description, these writing projects, exercises, salable articles and ideas

for books, stories, scripts, will move you along to completion.


If you are a writing instructor, your students will have a chance to

find out what to write for which markets that would be highly marketable.

This book is for writers, teachers, students, and anyone who has

ever wondered what to write that would sell. It’s also for someone

looking to create a job or career, internship or externship in communications

or other writing and publishing fields, find a cause to research

and write about, or get an idea of what to pursue, write about, and sell.