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Can you open up to your closest friends?


Photo and book by Anne Hart.


Closest friends are those who make you feel as if you're a better, kinder, more gentle person. Real friends can share your joyful awareness of purpose. These are friends with whom you can be open to resulting in bringing you closer by sharing, caring, and repairing.


Do your closest friends make you feel better? Can you be open to your friends with the result that it brings you closer? Often your character is judged by the character of your friends. With low mobility, nondriver isolated seniors like our group, be pretty sure your younger friends or those of any age are there for your best interests in the long run, and not just friends in order to get your money/property.


One litmus test is if you have little money or property to give and only your smile or hugs to offer instead of your physical labor, are the friends still there for you in your best interest? Or are they waiting to strip you bare thinking you're too old and frail to enjoy what you've worked for all your life?
A lot of people don't like when you toot your own horn in public anywhere near their territory. But if you don't toot your own horn, who will remember you in the future? And if you remain silent and hidden about your life's daily work, who really cares? Again, how does a society treat it's aged when they've traded the energy of youth for the wisdom/experience of age?