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Thanking all authors and artists for the efforts they made in writing or illustrating their works


Novel by Anne Hart


Uplifting tidings of much success and happiness to all authors. As a reviewer who also has written more than 91 paperback books and more than 7,200 articles before retiring from book and playwriting due to old age, it's foresight, insight, and hindsight to note that any given writer may not have control over what the publisher/printer cuts or edits (as in movie scripts). Or the writer may have done his/her best with what the writer has and needs to be thanked for making the effort of spending precious time to research and write a book. It's an act of creativity and hard labor that needs to be rewarded with deep appreciation. It's great when characters' choices drive the plot forward so the story stays afloat in the middle. 


Before I review a book, I think of the hard work, research, writing, editing, and proofing, the long hours and effort put into writing a book by any given author, and I am so grateful and appreciative of all that hard work. With compassion and empathy I walk a mile in the author's shoes, and thank the author(s) for making a difference. Bless all writers because they put so much effort and joy into their work. Thank you for all that work. All authors are wonderful, and all books cherished by me. Each book I read that any of you have written, know it makes a difference and is deeply appreciated as I contemplate the many hours you put in to write that book, play, or poem.


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You also may wish to check out the paperback book that contains this play: Ethno-Playography: How to Create Salable Ethnographic Plays, Monologues, & Skits from Life Stories, Social Issues... by Anne Hart (Jul 27, 2007). At this date the book is listed at the publisher's site and at: Amazon.com.