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What's it like writing more than 91 books and thousands of articles since 1959?

What's it like writing more than 91 books since 1959?



How to Video Record Your Dog's Life Story: Writing, Financing, & Producing Pet Documentaries, Drama, or News, published in paperback, July 10, 2007.


I wrote more than 91 paperback books over the years, paid to have all of them published, and as a very elderly home-based person of very low mobility and low income, never had the chance to speak about my books at conventions, library panels, or other forms of public speaking outside my residence. At the present time, about 87 paperback books are still in print, listed at the publisher's website (iUniverse.com) and at Amazon.com.  
Since I'm just too old to keep writing books and too poor to keep paying to have them published, I now write articles without any form of pay or income for articles I've written that are online. More than 7,000 articles I've written are online in various places.


The interesting note on this theme is that the websites that usually have my articles posted there for many years earn money by selling advertising on the sites where numerous articles of mine are still online, read, and enjoyed. But I, the writer, gets no compensation for providing the 'content' that attracts readers who then get to read the ads placed there by those who have my articles online.


That's okay with me, since I get to keep the copyright on any articles I wrote that are online, but on the other hand, as a low-income senior living in a low-income neighborhood, when I think back on what it was like being a writer for the past 53 years or more, I probably could have earned a lot more money with a high-school diploma instead of my master's degree in creative writing/English.


For example, if I started working in 1959 as an executive secretary with only a high-school diploma, using skills learned in high school of 120 wpm shorthand, full-charge bookkeeping, and 75 words per minute typing, which were considered employable skills in 1959, and worked in a at that time secure government job, I would have retired at 65 or 70 with a pension, and a salary at that time good enough to pay a monthly mortgage for my own home.


Instead, I've never been offered a permanent, full-time job with any secure type of employment and when I wasn't full-time writing, worked as a temporary typist in those days when typing and keyboarding while listening to a Dictaphone machine was what a lot of women did for a living.


Instead, I went to the university, but instead of majoring in a high-paying major such as biomedical engineering or becoming a professor of nursing education, training others in a security hopefully government university job, I did what I loved, and was told the money would come. It didn't. So now, I write a daily blog and read a lot of books.


There's a creative idea that more writers might consider: Writing, illustrating, and publishing tactile books using a 3-D printer. There are those who need to touch the book illustrations and even the lettering. In the meantime, I continue to write my blogs and read a lot.